Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trade With Junkie Jeff!

Here is the last, but certainly not the least of the packages I received last week/weekend. This one came from Jeff Wolfe, the other Card Junkie. What I like the most about Jeff's blog is that its almost done all in video/you tube breaks. While this is something many have dabbled in, other than APADTV (which he is a member of), his is the only baseball card blog that I know of that is almost all video. Keep it up my friend.

When I got Jeff's package, the first thing I noticed was that there is no way that he included any chocolate milk as I request last time I sent him a package - you see Jeff is in State College Pa and the Penn State creamery kicks complete ass. If you have not partaken, next time you are in that neck of the woods, make the time to stop.

So, onto the contents that were actually there. First up there was a nice note from Jeff including a table of contents and best wishes.
Next up it looks like a special bonus that I was certainly not expecting! I am now the proud owner of a famous wax pack!

And check out that Sig! Brian Bannister eat your heart out.

Now Jeff was kind enough to include small stacks of 2008 Topps Series 2 and 2008 Upper Deck cards to knock down my want lists a little bit. Also as you can see in the note, there were a few extra Mets coming my way. Here are my favorites.
Here we see an 87 Donruss and 90 Bowman Howard Johnson card. You know, HoJo was a coach here in Binghamton a few years ago at a time when I was not collecting, and now I really wish I was because I would love to get his autograph on some of his old cards. He is not much of signer by mail, but oh well, I guess I understand he's busy - I'd rather everyone hit .300 than have his auto.

Next up we have a 92 Fleer record Setters and 90 Fleer David Cone. The record in question is when David struck out 19 Phillies on the last day of the season to tie the NL game record. This was a bad era for the Mets and Mets fans alike - if you want more info - read the Worst Team Money Can Buy. There are some crazy stories in there, including some tales of Mr. Cone partaking in some extra-curricular activities with female fans in the bullpen area. Hey, I cant blame them - I might give David Cone a hand job to hang out in the Mets pen....

And finally -another Robin! This is one that I already have, but I don't care about doubles of my favorite players! Keep em coming please! The back says that Robin isn't known as being a power hitter - boy would that change as he became one of the superstar slugging third baseman throughout his career.

so Jeff, thank you so much, everyone be sure to go check him out and leave some love~!

Also - This is funny

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Thanks so much for the awesome post and all the scans! Glad u liked it.