Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MMays takes the win! Body Count Results

Congratulations to Mike of the 1972 Topps Blog for winning his second Body Count week! He correctly guessed that Jack would kill noone and everyone else would kill only 1.

notes on the show -

Seaton is douche and looks like Ron Livingston (Office Space)
Olivia Taylor is a hot douche
Jack wont die - he's signed up for 2 more seasons
His scars look like cottage cheese

Congrats Mike! Cards will go out today or tomorrow!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Body Count Thread

Time is flying in DC and the bodies keep dropping.

Up for grabs this week is the 1988 Topps Memorable Moments KMart set.

33 cards Featuring HOFers Boggs, Brett, Clemens (maybe), Dawson (next year I bet), Gwynn, Henderson, Moliter, Ripken, Ryan, Schmidt, Smith, Yount and more - 33 cards total.

all you have to do is guess by 9PM EST on Monday how many people

Jack Kills -
The Rest Kill -

Thats it!

Take it easy
Music - M Ward

It's GCRL week (or 2) at the Easy Life

So 2 days ago my wife comes upstairs with a 400 count box that came in the mail. I wonder - wow - this is sweet - who sent this. A look at the return address shows Jim from Garvey, Cey, Russell, and Lopes. (GCRL going forward). Now this is what I thought was from a simple UD Timelines trade. He gets simple yellow mailer - I get 400 count box. This is not acceptable - I will have to scour through old cards and find some dodgers for him one day - but now, I will just devote much of this and next week to digging through this gigantic and wonderful box of cards!

The first cards I will feature are the ones I knew were coming. Some UD Timelines!
Here are two base SPs Of Nick Adenhart and Micah Hoffpauir. These are a few guys with all the talent needed to play in the bigs, just really haven't put it together yet. Both got some PT last year and saw some success. Haffpauir did enough that I have seen some call him the heir apparent to Derrek Lee. Adenhard I feel still needs some AAA time until he is ready.
Next we have Hernan Iribarren. I know nothing about him except that he fills a need for me in my set. For that, I like him - for now.

Next up are my favorite cards from the set - the Black and White floating head subset (I know its a re print of something, but I don't really care/remember of what). Jim sent me over a future Hall of Famer and few All Stars to boot. Randy Johnson (sleeper pick for fantasy this year), Chien-Ming Wang (the most boring player on the Yankees), Derrek Lee (not what he once was, but still a nice player) and Alofonso Soriano (It must be frustrating to be a Cubs fan).

Finally, we have some of the die cut prospects (or guys who have been int he league for a few years and haven't become full time players yet). We got Glen Perkins (had him last year on my fantasy team at the end - seems like a capable lefty starter or long man), Jeff Baker (I see a lot of things stating this is the year he could see 400 ABs for Colorado) and Nyjer Morgan - this dude sucks and I always pull his auto from stuff.

so thank you Jim! This is the first of many posts from your box of awesomeness - tomorrow the Mets parade starts!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Heritage!

For Me - not you - just a few days after coming the conclusion that Binghamton's Heritage well had run dry, a run into target shows a box with 11 packs sitting it. Once again, they have no more. Out of those packs i was able to find 32 more cards (including inserts) for my set and a stack twice the size of doubles - the trading store is now open - I have doubles of the Millar sp and some of the flashbacks and Mayos - I also have Mr Ramirez up there that made it past the pack searchers - so either I am lucky or they are bad at it - So help a guy out - want lists are on the right - do good by me and I know I can help you out too!

2009 Upper Deck Series 1 Want List


I am giving this want list the bump since I am down to 5 cards needed - anyone?

I've got plenty of doubles out of this so lets see if we cant all work something out?

Heres what I need

405, 421, 434, 466, , 488,

2 boxes and all the cards I need are in the 400's. anyone else find that kind of weird?

Friends of the pursuit:
The card junkie Jeff Wolfe got me 6 closer!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Bat Around 5 - Drew Barrymore.

My favorite piece of "memorabilia" has nothing to do with baseball - and while its memorable - there isn't anything really too much that makes it special - this is just story of a high school boy meeting the girl of his dreams... and he was too chicken to tell her he's seen her naked.

Lets start over.

Growing up I was in LOVE with Drew Barrymore. In Middle School and High School I always had a thing for girls with short hair. I've discussed Juliana Hatfield here before. There is still a picture of Winona Ryder (Alien Resurrection era) on my base guitar under the strings. But I tell you - the first time I saw a preview for "Boys on the Side" there was no going back. Drew was my girl.

I started watching anything I could with her in it - Hoping for another taste of what happens about a quarter the way into the movie - yes - lift the shirt - jiggle - laugh - leave. less than 10 seconds of film that has taken up at least an hour of my life. I was 15 for Heaven's sake. Anyway - I watched Mad Love, Poison Ivy, Scream, Everybody Says I Love You - If she was in it, I saw it. There were pictures all over my bedroom. I was infatuated to the max.

However, one thing was always missing. Yes, you know what it was - the January 1995 issue of Playboy. I had no connections. I had to be the one kid in high school who did not have access to that kind of stuff. My internetting skills (and connection) were poor at best. Try as hard as I could - I never got a glimpse of the angel in the centerfold (yes I know she isn't actually in the centerfold, but I never miss a chance to reference the J Giles Band).

So, no connections, connection, and no spine to try to find someone to sell it to me, because I was underage, so of course, if I tried to buy it (In my paranoid mind) since I was not 18, I would be arrested, made a laughing stock, and most importantly, disappointed my mother.

Then, just a few weeks after my 18th birthday I happened in an antique store and there it was. A box of old magazines with the bunny on them. I went through what must of been years worth of bunnies until I found my girl. $15 - done deal. I went home and... read the articles.


Finally - after all those years, my dream (I didn't aim high those days) had come true. Life was good. I'd actually gotten with a real girl, my punk bands played shows, and I saw Drew Barrymore full on naked. Too sweet.

I'd never had much of a collection of those style books, but this one went with me at every move. So when my folks split and we moved to Vestal, Drew came with me. I went away to college and my first apartment on my own, Drew came with me. I moved to a different apartment, you guessed it - Drew came with me... and me with her (sorry - I need an editor I know).

By this time Drew was a superstar. She was in huge movies and had subsequently married (and divorced) Tom Greene. That gave me hope (never realized). So it comes to be that Drew started dating the drummer from the band the Strokes who happened to be an alum of the school I went to SUNY New Paltz.

I'm hanging out with my girlfriend, the girl I wanted to be my girlfriend, and some dude named Julian when I get a call from Joe Walker.

Joe Walker - "I just saw Drew Barrymore at Bacchus drinking beer"
Me - "wow"

Yeah - that was it. I know. You would think I had more to say, but my mind was racing. My celebrity crush of all crushes was riding through my 3 traffic light (approx) town. And I was stuck with my girlfriend, the girl I wanted to be my girlfriend, some douche - and Drew with her man.

I decide that tonight just isn't the night for dreams to come true. An hour or so go buy and its out to the bars with no real intentions of pursuing Drew. So I walk down my driveway and we go to run into the mobile so the girl I want to be my girlfriend can grab some smokes - and what do I see?

Drew Barrymore and her drummer Beau making out in front of the Mobile station with a six pack of Miller cans in hand.




So many things to say and do run through my head.

1) Punch him and impress her with my strength
2) Start..."reading the articles"
3) Profess my love
4) Run my ass back to my apartment, grab the Playboy and a pen and be that guy who asks for an autograph in a wholly inappropriate time.

Take a moment - What do you think I did?

I'll Wait.

Nope - Didn't do any of them. Here is what came of my mouth.

"hey Drew Sorry to interrupt - I've loved your movies and been a fan for a long time. (now to drummer) Your band is pretty good".

That was it. That was my moment with the love of my life. The most typical experience she ever could have had. I guarantee nothing about that moment was even memorable enough to recall 2 minutes later for her. So here I am, with my girlfriend (who I hated... another story, another blog), the girl I wanted to be with, and Julian - who was hitting on the girl I wanted to be with. So I am in this lovers square if you will, frustrating as it is, and I have this chance to have Drew, the holiest of holies (holyies? how does that work - is that like hollies the plant? who knows, maybe spell check will help me out later) , sign my magazine, my most (I know lame) prized possession next to my signed 86 Mets Team ball (I don't remember the story of how I got that - sorry), and just totally blew it.

Where are they now?

Drew - Superstar still - making movies, doing what she does.
Drummer boy - The Strokes recent albums sucked.
Julien - don't know
Other girl - Long Island
Girlfriend - who cares - Trick was crazy
Me - at work - sending dayf an e-mail.

Take it easy.

Body Count Winner!

Congratulations to RoofGod for winning this weeks prize of the Chrome collection! By my count there were 3 confirmed kills on screen, 2 for Jack and 1 for everyone else - the winer had that count reversed, 1 for Jack, 2 for the rest.

So Roofgod, I will be sending you an email to get your mailing info!

Thanks for playing! We will be back next week!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Body Count Thread

Jack -

Winner this week gets a stack of 12 random Chrome/refracters from various 07/08 Topps products - there are definately some star players so this isnt just cleaning out the closet so to speak. Lets see what you guys thing? Can Duane nail it 2 weeks in a row?

Of course all guesses due by 9pm EST Monday

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fantasy Team #1

So I have seen a few other bloggers post up how they did in recent drafts - here are my results for the first of my three leagues.

This league is a 10 team roto league w/ 30 man rosters. you have a 100 million dollar cap. You also have a minor leaguer team of approx 10-20 players. Here is how I did - all players are assigned contracts of 1 to 5 years - I wont go into the contracts here, but know that young dudes are here for 5 years, old dudes arent. This was an auction draft.

C - Matt Wieters
C- Taylor Teagarden
1B - Prince Fielder
2B - Chase Utley
3B - Adrian Beltre
SS - Christian Guzman (ugh)
MI - Ian Kinsler
CI - James Loney
LF - Pat Burrell
LF - Adam Dunn
CF - Shane Victorino
RF - Jay Bruce
RF - Alex Rios

SP - Zack Greincke
SP - Ted Lilly
SP - Dan Haren
SP - Max Scherzer
SP - Jonathan Sanchez
SP- Daisuke Matsuzaka
SP - Brett Myers
RP - Chad Cordero
RP - Grant Balfour
RP - Huston Street
RP - James McDonald
RP - Hong-Chih Kuo


OF - Matt LaPorta
OF - Travis Snider
OF - Willy Tavarez
DH/!B - Travis Hafner
SP - Phil hughes

Minor Leaguers

C- Kyle Skipworth
1B - Gaby Sanchez
3B - Dayan Viciedo
SS - Wilmer Flores
SS - Todd Frazier
OF - Brett Gardner

SP - Brian Matusz
SP - Chris Tillman
Sp - Clayton Richard
SP - Brad Holt

Trades made
Traded Joel Hanrahan and Jason Bay for Prince Fielder
Traded Jonny Peralta and Jim thome for Christian Guzman and Willy Tavarez (dont need power, need avg and steals)

All in All - I think I will compete - but I NEED saves hella bad - Steals I should be middle of the pack I hope - same with AVG.

What do you guys think?

Friday, March 20, 2009

An Ultra Package from State on the Back

And with this post - I am caught up on incoming packages - So if you are waiting for something from me - (since I am writing this on 3/13) your package should be to you very shortly if not already.

Mark from Stats on the Back was kind enough to send me nearly every card I need for this 91 Fleer Ultra set - I now just need a few of the inserts and a few more base than I am done. Since I did not really know which cards to feature - I figured I would throw some mid air beauties up for the girls over at Dinged Corners.Here is Jose Lind, Jay Bell, and Bill Speiers (2 of the 3 I have gotten autos through the mail of) doing what they did best. Fielding.

And now that these are all put away - I am going to go do what I do best.
Take it Easy
Music - Goldfinger

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jeff Comes Through Again

So, a few weeks ago an envelope with a few cards in it comes to my residence. I know just by the handwriting on the return address its from the junkie Jeff Wolfe. I don't know how he does it - but it seems that every few weeks, there are a few more cards knocked off my want list w/o any provocation. He might be the nicest dude out there.

So, I will be sending back some 09 Topps his way as I make my way through the pile - everyone -I'm working on it - had a sick wife for the last 2 days which meant no internetting.

So here are the first 2 cards that were sent over. I figured since he sent 2 Team checklists, 2 Team leaders, and 2 rookies I would pit them against each other. Unfortunately for the Reds here, they are going against my boys, the Metropolitans. I'll just take them left to right and see who wins. I'm going to do this by who I would rather build my team around. I know that there are a few bloggers who may not agree.

Edison Volquez wv. Jose Reyes. Volquez is nice and has crazy upside - but Jose is one of the 3 premier shortstops in the major leagues. I feel like he is the no brainer choice here.

Brandon Phillips vs. David Wright. C;mon... do I have to even say it? Wright by a landslide.

Edwin Encarnacion vs. Carlos Delgado. At least this one an argument can be made - Edwin's upside could someday match a Delgado down year - but he isnt yet the presence in the line up since he k's too often. Delgado it is.
For the team checklists we have 2 former division rivals. We have a slugger who we are about to see if he can make his own way leaving Coors field and entering the cavernous park in Oakland and a young righty who has taken the league by storm. Gun to my head - Lincecum. Bailey will be pleased I'm sure.
Finally we have a few rookies. Michael Bowdon of the Red Sox and Matt Antonelli from the Padres. Without doing much research, I recall Bowdon being a highly touted guy from Boston's system who doesnt really have lights out stuff. Just great control and good cunning. Antonelli shit the bed in his call up last year and good luck hitting in Petco. Bowdon it is.

Thanks Jeff - I'll be working on getting some of those 09 Topps to you stat!

Group Break from the Cheap Seats

So I got myself involved the Dan over at Saints of the Cheap Seats recent group break and this is what I came away with. 2007 ultimate Collection Jose Reyes game used card #'d 18/75. This really is a sweet card - As a Mets fan and B Mets guy - he is another player I will always root for. I will also tell you this story (albeit secondhand).

So here is the deal - This story was told to me and I cannot verify its truthfulness....however, I want to believe its true. So here goes. A buddy of mine's cousin was at one time a Mets farm hand for 1 season back in the early 2000's. I do not recall his name - but one time a bunch of the minor league guys got invited to a party some of the big leaguer's were having, this guy was one of them. They show up to the party with a bunch of guys standing around a pool table. They approach the table and Jose is filling out some girl like an application doggy style on the table with the toothiest grin you've ever seen. Sweet. Thats it. I just get a kick out of thinking about that smile we all see when hes goofing around in the dugout when hes also laying pipe.

while taking Jose out of his bubble mailer - I found something I was afraid I lost in the move - the other 2 cards that Jeff the card junkie sent me! Here are the 2 cards, a Legends of the Game Rogers Hornsby and a Turkey Red of Cole Hamels (see below for hot wife).

As Promised

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Return Package from The Pettitte Pursuit

A while back I sent Eric... something - Either a Posada or Pettitte GU or both. Don't recall - I really forgot all about it. I do remember stating he was going to go buy something comparable to send back - told him not necessary but what he did do was great - got a 100 or someodd mets cards in my mail box last week! Here are a few quick highlights.

Of course we see many David Wrights here. The only one I did not already have was the star quest, but its nice to have doubles if I need to barter with another Wright fan!

The rest of the cards were a slew of goodies. There were a TON of hojos... we know I love my HoJos. Also some cards of new players - That Bobby Bo will be going out in the mail sooner or later to get scribbled on.. I've been waiting to get a Mets DK of him for a while.

So Thank you Eric - Hopefully your boy did not get short printed on you in Heritage this year - actually, hopefully it did, and I can sell it, then get cards I need. sorry

2009 Topps Heritage Want List

I do have some doubles for trade as well


34, 77, 131, 141, 179, 431, 434, 436, 437, 438, 439, 446, 447, 449, 451, 452, 453, 455, 457, 458, 459, 463, 464, 465, 470, 473, 477, 481, 484, 485, 490, 493, 495, 497,

News Flashbacks


Baseball Flashbacks


Then and Now

2, 5, 10

New Age Performers

2, 4, 7, 10, 14


Manny Ramirez, Wright, Lincecum, Longoria, A Rod, Soriano, Ichiro, Johan santana, Braun

Friends of the quest:
4/2/09 - Greg @ Lake effects sent Mark Buerhle and NAP Carlos Quentin!
4/2/09 - Zach @ Autographed cards sent me about 35 more cards for my set!
4/6/09 - 50 more from reader Steve K WOW!
5/21/09 - Thank you Jeff the cardboard Junkie for Kevin Kouzmanaoff!
6/4/2009 - Greg from Night Owl Cards got me a bunch closer!

Thoughts and Sox and Bubble Mailers

This is one of the last three packages that I have gotten in the past few weeks that I am just getting the time to look through, organize and such. First up was a few Timelines cards I needed for my set. Chris from Nachos Grande sent me a hand full of these as well so between the two packages - this one coming from Adam over @ Thoughts and Sox - there were a few doubles - these two however I did need for my set - a few imports. One has proven to be a bonafide major leaguer. The other - well at least he probably doesn't understand most of what the Chicago fans yell to him in right field.

Next up is a Jay Payton certified auto from 2000 Fleer - This a cool card because even when the Mets were at their best or worst, I was always a Payton fan - I remember one summer before he got hurt he was the only guy on the team you could count on to always hit the ball hard and run hard too. It's too bad his career has stalled - I will always root for him.
Finally - what is a package from a team collector without a bunch of Mets? This was especially nice because I either did not have these cards, or they had counterparts as parts of sets - not in my separate David Wright or Mets collections. I love any Jon Niese cards I can get - as you know I get very invested in my former B Mets. And I don't know about anyone else - but I really like this years Starquest cards. You can put me on the record.

So Adam - Thank you kindly foryour generosity. It is much appreciated and I will see about reciprocating that generosity.
Music - MxPx

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am a fan of FanofReds - Ie...Chris

So a while back now - geez - its weird to right like saying something happened in the past when it really just happened, bu the post isnt going up until next week).



Chris from Nachos Grande did me a solid and knocked off some want list goodies. Here they are.

The Iron Man on a classic - yes totally classic Topps design.

Some beautiful Masterpieces. May they rest in pieces.

A bunch of timeline - only hundreds of cards to go!

So this was a nice package - I love when I get to take stuff off my want lists - I only have three more packages to go through now... slow and steady - slow and steady

Binghamton is Going Dancing!

I will be taking thursday off of work to watch them hand Duke their asses


Binghamton is Going Dancing!

I will be taking thursday off of work to watch them hand Duke their asses

Duke can eat a box of cocks! Lets go Binghamton - This year's Cinderella Story!

Body Count Winner!

Reader Duane Nailed it with a guess of
Everyone Else - 1
Jack - 1

He will be getting the UD pack, the Topps pack, the Heritage Packs, The Maybin Relic and the Brett Hunter Auto! He will also be getting the Vernon Wells Heritage Relic I pulled a few weeks ago as he is the only Jays fan I know! Congrats Duane!

Anyone else Jack with the Construction vehicle was silly, but that the fight at the end was sweet? Who else wants to nail Oliva both literally and figuratively?

Duane - I know I just mailed you something YESTERDAY and I cannot locate your addresss - I will shoot you an email

Is Julian Tavraez Really This Awesome?

On signing with the Washington Nationals from the Washington Post

Why did I sign with the Nationals?" Tavarez said told a group of reporters. "When you go to a club at 4 in the morning, and you're just waiting, waiting, a 600-pounder looks like J. Lo. And to me this is Jennifer Lopez right here. It's 4 in the morning. Too much to drink. So, Nationals: Jennifer Lopez to me."

Wow. I bet he signs long term soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Body Count Thread

rules? we dont need no stinking rules.


Prizes -

1 pack 09 UD
1 pack 09 Topps
2 pack 09 Heritage
2008 Ud Timeline Brett Hunter auto
2008 Topps Cameron Maybin Relic

I wanna see 10 guesses this week. make me feel like I was skinny in high school.

Another Heartbreaking Card

So last week I received a package from Matt over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genious
. Dont know why, but who am I to turn down the generosity of my brethren?

So this is a piece of David's pants from 06 Upper Deck - not sure if it is from the base set or one other product, but dont really care. Thank you very much Matt - I'll keep an eye on your lists for sure!

I Did It Again - 09 Heritage Version

So I stopped by the Hobby Shop last week and he had one lonely hobby box of the 2009 Heritage left up for grabs. Of course the needed a good home... so heres whats special.

SPs - seeded 1:2 packs - That alone makes retail worth the purchase this year

Chrome - the price is a refractor. #'d 560

A couple of young superstars

Bob Friend is on every other card of the then and now set I think

I always like some extra Mayo(s)

And a Real One Auto of Curt Raydon - Beats the hell out of a Vernon Wells Relic (Sorry Duane)

now that 2 boxes have been busted - want lists up soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trade With Phil from Cheese and Beer

A while back I received a package from Phil over at the newish Cheese and Beer blog. In exchange for what is going to be a bunch of 1987/89 Topps doubles for his sets he got me within 1 Topps town needed for my set and also included 6 more Turkey Red inserts.

I think that Topps Town cards are a revelation this year. I know that some people don't agree - but making them all different with actual star players and numbers - its like a real card -at least I can fool myself into thinking so.

Now I've gone on record not being a fan of the Turkey Red set. I've gotten a few packs here and there through the years - never really dug it - inexplicably though, I love the inserts this year. I''m just a fickle collector I guess.

So thank you Phil - and if you haven't yet, go check out Cheese and Beer if for no other reason than to scan down and watch the Dick's commercial with Jimmy Rollins. I want to hate him, but that shit is funny.

WARNING - do not read this post if you dont want to see a picture of a cock

Funniest T Shirt I have ever seen

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relic Trade with the Cheap Seats

Recently, Dan over @ Saints of the Cheap Seats pulled this Jose Reyes card out of a box of 09 Topps I was quick to lay claim - all it cost be was a 07 Bowman Heritage - or was it regular Topps heritage - shit - I don't remember and its already been mailed. either way - here is Jose... the writing was on the sleeve - not the card - Lets not forget I have a pile of mail here and I am trying to get everyone up on on!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jawdy Group Break Results - UD Elements

So a few weeks before I moved I jumped into the my first group break where I did not get to choose the team I wanted.

I got the Nationals.

Trade Bait.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

24 Body Count Results

There was an explosion - I was unable to tell exactly how many went down - So I went by bodies that I saw fly -

Jack - 4
Rest - 15
Total - 19

we did not have a winner this week, so all the packs will carry over to next week. Don made it the closest with a guess of 9 Kills. here are the end of year point standings

Chris - 1 point
Andy - 1 point
Don - 2 points
Duane - 1 point
Bailey - 1 point

I'd like to take a minute to morn (spoiler alert if you already watched) the passing of Bill Buchannon. He was fictional and brave. Also -= who was thrilled to see Aaron Pierce with a machine gun... really - could he be any cooler? well, if he didn't bone Martha Logan that would have been better . she was bat shit crazy

Next weeks thread will be up in a day or 2

09 Heritage Jumbo Box - Inserts

Here are all the inserts received from my jumbo box I grabbed last week.

Here are the New Age Performers and Then and Nows. I really love the NAP design, the then and now-- eh - and what is with Bob Friend being featured twice?

Here are the news flashbacks - meh. and the baseball flashbacks - just eh- little better than meh
The Relic - Trade Bait.

And here is the best shit of the box - The mayo reprints - these are fantastic.

Thats it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Really Funny Terrell Owens Video - Hitler is NOT Pleased

I could not resist posting this.

2009 Heritage Jumbo Box Part 1

So last week I made quick stop at the card shop to see if any Heritage had arrived and boy had they. This was not your normal box though, this was something I had not seen online or anywhere else (granted I wasn't looking per say...) but for $99 he had Jumbo boxes of the 09 Topps Heritage line. 20 packs, 16 cards per pack, Sps 1:2 packs. So although I really only wanted to spend about $70... it got the best of me. Heres the highlights.

First of course - the Mets - I figured this is the best way to highlight the normal base cards. I did not think I was going to really like this years set, but once I got them in my hands - blows last year out of the water as far as I am concerned. I like the small action shot - I love the clean backs - Home run.

Here are some SPs from the set - the only way to differentiate them from the regular cards this year I think is the shaded backs - am I right on this? I have not yet seen an official SP list so I am not sure.
Here are some more SPs, Allstars and floating coaches.

And here, go figure is the highlight of the set for me... I love these coach cards - the design on the front is fantastic and could be a whole set on its own. This is classic baseball carding right here. And gain - they nailed the backs.

And here are just a few of the other designs in the base set - we have the All Star Rookie Team - we have the regular Rookie Stars, we have a poorly photo shopped James Shields who just saw someone get hit in the nads with Kazmir and Price, and finally - the is it or is it not an SP of ARAMIS.

Inserts tomorrow.

I'm back - Body Count for 3/9/09 episode oof 24

We have 1 09 Topps S1, UD s1, and 2 09 Heritage packs up for grabs.

Jack = ?
Everyone else =?

Leave the comments -

Mark - I have your cards put aside besides for the team cards - will be out next week!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hey - if you arent listed - its not because I don't read it - its because I'm lazy - I'd like to fix that - if you are not linked up or on the blog roll - let me know - leave me a comment or shoot me an emali and I will amend that error!

Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm back - sorta

OK - Everything is where it needs to be.

Cards are now in a much smaller closet.

I have too many of them.

over the next - however long it takes I'll getting rid of a lot of cards - mostly doubles and extras from old sets I'm working on - will be a lot of good starter sets if anyone is interested... I'll post more details as I get around to that.

Body Count - not getting its own post this week - I just watched last weeks episode and the the total count was

Jack - 1
Rest - 18
Total - 19

Bailey over at the Nennth Inning came closest with a guess of 18 kills - so he will be added to the leftovers drawing at the end of the season. Here are those who have points now

Chris - 1 point
Andy - 1 point
Don - 1 point
Duane - 1 point
Bailey - 1 point

I decided that last weeks contest winning would be 2 packs of 09 Heritage. Since I have yet to go back through all of my cards for next weeks prize - it will be a pack of 09 Topps Series 1 and 09 Ud series one.... so we have 4 packs on the table for next week now!. Official thread will be posted later tonight or tomorrow.

If I owe you my end of a trade - please shoot me an email or leave me a comment here - I have about 10 unopened packages yet from the move that is all cards - so it may still take me a bit - thats my project next week. Today, errands, tomorrow - Dynasty league auction draft, sunday - work. so really, I wont be back here until Monday and thats when it should be business as usual.

Good to back -

My quick opinions - Razorgate - who cares. I know that I get more excited about a Tom Browning Auto than Grover Cleaveland...

Dayf - good luck meng - we're pulling for ya

Craigslist Idiots is the best series of posts on any blog to date.

Also - While away - now up over 5,000 posts - Thank you! thats awesome.