Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Pack 6

Working on pack 6 of the break now and for the first time there was not a single player from any of my fantasy teams here - have I cleaned them all out? I doubt that, but we will see.

I did get one Met - Brian Schneider - not exactly waiting with bells on for his return - he's a nice player - he's exactly who we traded for - just so underwhelming though - I'd rather take my chances with Santos and Castro - but money says that Santos will take the trip to AAA when Brian comes back.

There was a nice batch of inserts in this pack that you can see below.

Legends of the Game Reggie Jackson - Man - these are really nice - Topps really nailed some of its insert sets this year.

Topps Town Ian Kinsler - a man who is helping my dynasty league quite a bit this year.

Turkey Red Mark Teixeira - he's finally hitting for the Yanks - so that sucks

Kurt Suzuki Gold 1656/2009 - man my gold cards have stunk this box

ROH - Chris Carpenter - meh

Red Hot Rookie Redemption #9 - when does the list come out? not until August right?

Thats a bit more like - there are now 4 redemption's I am waiting for from Topps dating back to November 2008

Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box pack 5

...and now we are half way there...

The long representative from the fantasy teams this year in pack 5 is Ted Lilly - who has been having a very nice Ted Lilly year - I bet the Yanks regret letting this dude go.

Finally we have a few more Mets - we have the new bullpen of K rod (who has been getting it done, but rarely w/o making it interesting) and JJ Putz who has pitched how I feared he would - also in this pack was the first I started noticing some doubles slipping (another Cora for example).

finally the inserts -

Jon Lester Turkey Red - Almost kept him from last year to this year - at this point glad that I let him walk.

big Prince Topps Town - Nice looking card

Legends of the Game steve Carlton - He looks like a cartoon in this picture - weird

ROH - Miguel Cabrera - meh.

Javier Valentin Gold 1631/2009 - meh

This box has had its mojo almost stopped by now - Lets hope it kicks back up

Friday, May 29, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 jumbo Box Break Pack 4

Here we go with Pack 4 -

This was another pack where nothing really sham - wowed me. but thats okay - When you are building a set - they are all nice.

Away we go with the fantasy men

Brandon Morrow - He's been bad.

Mike Jacobs - he's been Mike Jacobs

Brett Myers - We all know that he can hit (his wife) but here is a shot of him being more gentle and bunting

jimmy Rollins - discussed yesterday - If I have any hope in my leagues of winning I need this guy to step it up ASAP


Topps Town Gold of Alex Rios - also discussed a bit yesterday - this guy has all the tools to be an all star each year - just need him to put it all together

Ichiro Legends of the Game - First. Ballot. Hall. Of. Fame. yup - also got him on one time this year for the first time ever.

ROH - John Papel-smear - my wife hates when I call him that.

Matt Cain Gold 1830/2009 - every year i manage to pick up or trade for this guy on the cheap - yet to happen so far this year

Stephen Drew black 34/58 - a lot of people were thinking he could be a top 5 short stop this year - I think right now they all just hope he stays healthy

Career Best Cy Young - This is a pretty sweet card - I WISH it was a relic, but I'm not that lucky.

Pee Wee Reese Turkey Red - Nice card - I've said it before, love Turkey Red as an insert, hate it as its own set.

Almost half way there.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Break pack 3

Moving on the pack 3 here - This was the least exciting pack so far out of the box - hopefully its all up hill from here.

Representing my various fantasy teams we have

Jayson Werth - I hate his goatee or soul patch or douche identifier that he has, but I enjoy his skills

Alexei Ramirez - please start hitting buddy - please - I used a keep pick on you

Jimmy Rollins - has been hotter of late - I'm just treading water now in the leagues I own him - if he gets hot - I will shoot up quickly

Prince Fielder - Also finally going deep on a regular basis - I traded Jason Bay for him 9I needed a 1b bad and my partner did not even own a left fielder, so it worked out so long as Prince keeps hitting.

Now there were only 5 inserts in this pack - no WBc card - but thats ok - lets see what did show up.

Topps Town Kevin Youkilis - also on one of my teams - has been great so far.

Carlos Lee Turkey Red - How has he been so far? I dont ever really come across him doing anything incredible - I've owned him in the past, but not this year.

Legends of the Game Albert Pujols - this is a VERY nice card - Welcome aboard Albert.

Ring of honor - caveman Damon - back when he was cool

Ryan Doumit gold 1624/2009 - ok

Se - pretty disappointing pack - not even a single Met - WTF.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Want List

2009 Topps Series 2 Want list


334, 356, 365, 420, 440, 456, 470, 530, 534, 536, 566, 571, 575, 586, 597, 626, 647, 656,

Legends of the Game


Turkey Red

52, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 77, 78, 79, 80, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 92, 96, 99, 100

Topps Town

26, 33, 38, 40, 43, 46,

Legends Career Best


6/4/09 - 9 closer thanks to Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats
6/24/09 - Big Daddy Jay Bee got me 30 cards closer - thanks meng!

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Pack 2 (auto hit)

Here we go with pack 2!

For the players on my fantasy teams we have as follows

Robinson Cano - Having a very nice season at 2nd base for the Yanks and my standard roto team

Alex Rios - anyone else fall victim to his siren song every year at the draft and then be frustrated all year?

Milton Bradley - Been good lately.

Chris volstad - Grabbed him real late and has been great in my points league

Adrain Beltre - not the contract year I was looking for....

Mets Players

Tim Redding and Carlos Beltran.

Redding has been - well, it's only been a few starts so I'm not going to really discuss him - Beltran has been great this year though - I want that stick to get hot again soon though.

Now we have our inserts.

Legends of the Game Manny Ramirez - While I was never a huge fan of Manny, I had great respect for him... I hate when anyone, let alone one of the biggest names in baseball tests positive for PEDs. Breaks my heart.

Topps Town Carlos Zambrano - ok

Turkey Red Walter Johnson - This is more like it

Ring of Honor - Yadier Molina - yesterday Ruiz, today this twatte-waffle? ugh.

Frank Francisoc Gold 1785/2009 - ok

WBC - Jose Reyes - Dont like these cards - but I love me some Jose.

Finally we have the best hit of the box - probably also the best auto I have ever pulled - Ryan Braun #82/100. This is one card I will be hanging on to unless someone ponies up a Reyes or Wright auto for me... then Mr Braun could be had.

Once I pulled that Braun Card I was happy with the box

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some random Links

A few ridiculous web sites I was exposed to this weekend - Believe me, they (well 2 of them) are very not safe for work and really have no place on a baseball card blog - so if you are easily offended or your wife is the room - avoid them - otherwise enjoy.

This Is Why You're Fat - A website for all of us big dues who dream of using donuts and hamburger buns - They wisely do not list calories.

Awkward Boners - I think the name says it all - this is pictures of dudes with ill - timed pants tents - no actual cock shots, just a lot of tents - also really funny since we have all been there.

Finally - A blogger buddy of mine talked about this set site - Guess Her Muff - I'm not gonna link it since its pretty pornish - but the whole set up is they show a regular picture of a girl - then you guess how she keeps her privates groomed, then you see a picture and get to see if your guess is right - I felt like a total douche but I was kinda good at it - just do a google search if you are bored - its a blogspot site.


2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Pack 1

Last week (Friday to be exact) I was able to pick up a box of 09 Topps Series 2 Jumbo packs - However, due to the Terminator and other holiday weekend activities, I had only about 20 minutes to rip it. that is not enough time to really take these cards in. So I will be going back through them pack by pack and letting you all into the process with me. At the end of the box if there are still cards needed (which there will be since I am collecting some of the insert sets) that will be posted at that time - any doubles I get will be available. Lets start with pack 1.

Since most of these cards have been scanned and shown to the blogosphere so far, I willl again use my fail safe option of showing dudes on my fantasy teams, Mets, and inserts. That should work.

First we have Joe Mauer who I grabbed in the 13th round in one of my 3 leagues - WOW! Is he not the best pure hitter in baseball right now? You'd be hard pressed to find one, especially at catcher. I could have had him for a song in my dynasty league when he was hurt but I fucked that one up. However, I do have the first pick in the 1st year player draft - so maybe I can flip him for Strasburg?

Next up we have the underwhelming Chris Davis - he is slugging homers and thats about it - the league I have him in is a points league though, so his average isnt as detrimental as it would normall be.

Finally - Justin upton - I was really hoping for a breakout this year and it appears I am going to get it - the kid is streaky,but when he is on, you can see that the D- Bags have a star in the making.

Next up we have a smattering of Mets cards.

John Maine who has been able to pitch pretty well this season, still needs to stop walking people - it's what will prevent him from ever becoming anything better than a #3 guy. Alex Cora who was doing a very nice job filling in at 2nd and Short until he landed on the dl, leaving us with Ramon Martinez. Finally - Nick the "Stick" Evans - Evans couldnt hit sand if he fell off a camel in AAA but I like him anyway - He is now back in Binghamton - Hopefully I get doubles of this card and could get one signed before he gets called back up.

Next up is the SP of Steve Carlton - To prove my point I didnt know I had gotten this card until I looked back through the pack this morning. I have a feeling Jay Bee will be getting this one eventually - if you are reading this my friend - Let me know if you need it.

Now finally we get to the insert cards.

We have a Ring of honor card for Carlos Ruiz - Hate these cards and he's a douche Phillie so lets move on.

Taylor Teagarden Gold 1743/2009 - meh

WBC Dustin Pedroia - Don't think I will be collecting this set.

Legends of the Game Greg MAddux - I WILL be collecting these - very glad to see them back for Series 2.

Topps Town Ryan Braun - Hmmm- Blue? OK - I'll collect

Finally we have a Turkey Red of K Rod - Again, I will be collecting these cards - so if you dont want them, I do!

So not a bad haul for pack 1 - Coming up in th ebox are a few underwhelming relics and a very nice auto - so stay tuned!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Box from Steve @ White Sox Cards

A few weeks back (yes - I am getting very bad at timely updates) I received an unexpected package from Steve over at the fantastic White Sox Cards blog. What was inside was a bunch of want list stuff and even more Mets... So lets check out the highlights

First up is an 08 Masterpieces Eddie Murray SP - The back of the card writes that Murray was quiet off the field - this is because from I understand he is a historically huge asshole when it came to the media - maybe they deserved it - who knows - but the man didnt talk much, guess he didnt need to as he now is enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Next we have a bunch of 07 Bowman heritage cards. We've got Rocco Baldelli, Rich hill, Miguel Cabrera, Mike Piazza, Ryan Zimmerman, Jorge Posada, Bartolo Colon, and a hideki Okajima RC. There are days that I love this set, and days that I wonder why I am collecting it. Today I love it.

Steve was also kind enough to include a few of the prospects that I needed off my want list - Let's run through and see if I have even heard of these dudes...

Chris Nowak - Nope
Chad Reinke - yes
Ryan Adams - Love the singer
Patrick Reilly - Nope
Matthew Sweeney - Nope
Kala Kaaihue - is this the dude thats with KC now - or is that Kila Ka'ahai or something - are these different dudes? too lazy to look it up

There were 2 91 Fleer ultra - I am getting very close to finishing that set now...

A few more 91 Fleer - quite possibly the ugliest set ever made - if only Dr. Steve had designed the whole set.

Don't forget to bring a Towel

and I could not resist - Towelie and Lost?

Here we have an assortment of sweet Mets cards included

2007 Topps Finest Tom Glavine- This is one of the first Finest cards I have owned - still coming to terms with this set...

09 Ud First Edition Jose Reyes Starquest - I love the Starquest cards this year

06 Topps 52' rookies Henry Owens - he nailed a girl I know

07 A & G Shawn Green - I was always a fan when he was with the Mets

Finally - in the should I send it back category because it was way too nice to send this over - a 1955 Topps card of Bob Wiesler - I know nothing about him - but anytime someone sends me a classic card like this I am always shocked and super thankful

so Steve - Thank you sooo much - I've got a Griffey Chrome card over here with your name on it - jus twaiting to build up a bigger package first!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank you Jeff!

Jeff from the Cardboard Junie always has his finger on the pulse of blogger want lists -I think I get at least 1 card from him every month. His dedication to trading blows mine way out the water - I go through fits and spells - Jeff is just a cool customer keeping them coming at all times - Someday I will have that dedication - maybe.

To explain further - my wife now knows Jeff. I get one of his envelopes and she always says - Hey it's your buddy Jeff again - keep in mind if you put a gun to her head she probably could not name my blog or really any other card related things - this is much my hobby alone as she likes red things in the kitchen - together we could each not give less of a shit about each others hobbies - but maybe thats good?

Anyway Jeff - thank you - Thank for bringing the Kouz into the Brown house. He now has a happy home between Phil hughes and Shaun Marcum in the 09 Heritge box (one day binder).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2003 Topps Opening Day Pack (or 2003 Topps Braves and more)

I just found a box of about 20 -25 random packs of cards - open, but still in wrappers - so I figured I would do a few pack breaks - Today we are getting 2003 Topps Opening Day - good pack for you Braves fans out there...

Tim Salmon - It's too bad that his career sorta fizzled out - but at the time this card was printed Tim was still a guy that every GM would want on their team. He was a lock for 20-30 homers and 80 RBI - That's no joke -

Geoff Jenkins - Geoff is a guy who had some very nice seasons, recently part of a world champion Phillies team - but he is the left handed Rob Deer - all power, no average - on the right team though he could serve a big role

Fernando Vina - Wasn't he in the Mitchell Report? Does anyone really care about Fernando Vina?

Austin Kearns mini gold cup (and poor scan job by yours truly) - This is actually a game, where if you scratch off the back, if your "homerun" goes over 400 feet you win something - mine went 316 - Austin 3:16 says because Stone Cold Said So (I think). Anyway - I thought I was getting a cool mini - I guess I kinda did

Now for the Captain and Dayf - we have 3 consecutive Braves to close out the pack.
Gary Sheffield - Hell of a player - could possibly be a Hall of Famer - still never really liked him - now he is a Met - so I just don't actively hate him anymore - It is still impressive to see him swing so hard its like he's trying to avenge the death of his father or other loved on
Rafael Furcal - Old faithful - Braves teams were always missing something once Raffy left the club for the west coast - nice player - on my fantasy team this year- which sucks
John Smoltz - What else can be said? First ballot HOF and old school cap? I know it breaks some kind of Mets fan rule - but I love this guy

There we go - anything you want? its yours - not really attached to any of this.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Body Count Finale Results!

Well - no one guessed the correct body count in the final week - but that doesn't mean that cards were not won!

The final count was
Jack - 3
Rest - 14

Three people guessed a total Kill Count of 8 - giving them all a point towards the final standings which were

Don - 4
Bailey - 4
Chris - 2
Captain Canuck - 1
Andy - 1
Duane - 1

So now - we had a tie with Don and Bailey with 4 close guesses each. To determine the winner, I simply went by who had the closest guess in the final week to Jack's kills

Don Guessed 0 for Jack while Bailey guessed 2

so Congratulations to our winner Bailey from the Nennth Inning on being this years Body Count Champion! He along with Duane (who had the most spot on guesses during the season) have made Jack and America Proud!

Thank you all for playing and making this a fun thing to do each week this season - see you in season 8 in New York City!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Body Count Thread - Season Finale! (11 card prize)

Wow - What a season it has been - I'm not sure how many cards I have given away, but I know that it has been quite a bt - Here are all the scans of this weeks cards - (2 carry over from last week, they are not posted here). So here they are

2008 Topps Adrian Gonzalez All Star Jersey Card
2008 Topps Heritage Carlos Lee GU Bat
2007 Topps John Lackey All Star Jersey Card
2008 upper Deck Andy Pettitte Game Used Jersey Card
2007 Bowman Heritage Andrew Fie Auto
2007 Bowman Heritage elliot Johnson Auto
2008 Upper Deck Timelines Nyjer Morgan Auto
2007 Upper Deck Artifacts Jesse Crain Audo
2007 Fleer Ultra Roy Oswalt Game Used Jersey Card

But wait - Theres More!

To sweet the pot a bit for a big finale will be

1959 Topps Buyback (fromHeritage) of Bob Miller w/ stamp
1987 Fleer Baseball All stars set of 44 (feat. Boggs, Gwynn, Mattingly, Puckett, Ripken, Ryan etc..)
1982 Topps K-Mart MVPs set of 44 feat Carew, Bench, Mantle, Yaz, Koufax - all dudes who won AL and NL MVPs)

So a lot stuff, some pretty neat - some make my desk neater - Thats how I do - but now, I need your help!

I will not be able to get posts up this weekend - I am booked solid - So please - after you put your guess in Tell your friends - I want a lot of guesses - These cards will be gone! If you are a reader who is guessing - tell another reader (if you know one) if you are a blogger - throw something up there for me - tell people to come get free stuff -

I will probably be adding a lot of extra cards to the package as well - if you have a favorite team - leave it in the comments - player - do the same thing - If you read this - make a guess - whether you watch the show or not - I am not picky... I just want participation this time around.

So here is all you have to do (keep in mind its a 2 hour finale)

How many people will Jack Bauer kill?
How many people will everyone else kill?

and a bonus question - Will Kim Bauer be killed? put together your best scenario for her death (if yuo can think of one) and if anyone is close I will sweeten the pot up even more - with some good cards - I promise!

Good luck in the last week of the Body Count Contest!

3 Jumbo Packs of 09 Bowman

So on Friday I stopped by my local card store to see if he had the 09 Topps Series 2 jumbos in yet - he did not - but since I had my heart set on ripping something - I grabbed a few jumbos of the 09 Bowman set. Here are some of the highlights.

For the base I chose to once again show off players on my various fantasy teams
Chase Utley
Alex Rios
Brett Myers
Joe Mauer
Zack Greinke
Mike Jacobs
John Lackey
Alex Rodriguez
Shane Victorino

Next up were the 5 standard rookie cards I got
Mat Gamel
Josh Geer
Greg Golson
Shairon Martis
John Outman

Here we have of the bowman prospects and WBC cards the only players I have heard of.

David Freese (who has a shot at Cardinals third base if he gets it together)
Phillip Aumont whom I believe is with the Mariners organization
Yu Darvish - he's good

Next up are the parallels -
Lance Berkman
Mike Jacobs
Seth Garrison

Nelson Perez 76/250

Chipper Jones 479/500
Carlos Gomez 19/500
Josh Geer 176/500

For Chrome cards I got all prospects I never heard of besides for the WBC players I mentioned before - Aumont and Darvish - not bad I guess

Finally we have the refractors
Neil Ramirez 29/299
Tommy Johnson 82/299

So no autos or anything bigtime - but enough to peak my interest in the set - who knows - maybe someday I will collect it - probably not though
Dont forget to enter the last chance for the 24 body count contest!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Results - Body Count

Well - we have no winner this week -

The guy who looks like the dad in the movie "My Father the Hero" (Gerard Gepardius?) killed Kim's bodyguard and now she is being watched by that other due and some cougarish lady with him.

Jack wanted to kill a lot of people - but he didnt.

2 Hour finale next week I think - this will be the best prize of the season - im sure it will be a thrilling episode - I'll have the thread up later in the week as always - last chance until season 8 for free cards!

Rey Rey 2K1 and 2K2

For the sake 1) Completing it 2) Using scanned cards 3) Doing a baseball card post -

Here are the last of the Rey Ordonez cards from Jim @ GCRL.

Here are the 2001 issue cards and some quick commentary.

2000 Fleer Platinum - If this is Fleer's version of platinum, I would hate to be their mistress because I bet she gets a washing machine on her birthday. This is an awful take on "classic" design. Just plain boring. Also, if you are going to gloss a "retro" card - ... dont. It doesnt work. Not Impressed.

2001 Topps - Wow - another ugly card. I really don't know what focus group (if any) looks as the 2001 card design and says yup - that will get me back into collecting. The back is ugly too.

2001 upper Deck - Finally a card that I'm not ashamed to own. Full bleed photo - always a plus - decent shot - nothing ground breaking, but at least its not just a portrait. The logo on the bottom left is kinda blurry and tough to read - does Upper Deck ever make an easy to read product? The card back has about an inch of blank unused space on it.... Really? just make the font bigger? do something.

2001 - not a good showing.

Now moving on to the 2 2002 issue cards.

2002 Topps - You cannot say that topps was not consistent in the early 2000's because here is another ugly set with a poorly thought out design. I have nothing good to say. The border is the color of baby shit when they are on the squash and pumpkin diet. This is not good.

2002 Fleer Tradition. Nice cardboard stock, no gloss, Goudey design, photo of Rey in a Throwback uniform, still too much wasted space on the back, but this is a set I would consider collecting. Finally, the early 2ks come up with something good.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Body Count Thread

Time is running out - how will the season end?

how many for Jack?

how many for everyone else?

How many times will Tony look surly? (that one is hard to answer since its a perpetual way of being for him)

Up for grabs - a Donruss threads Lucas Duda auto (in person signed, not official)

And Memories of better times. Cheater or not - the man can hit - let's remember him before looking like the Predator and banned substance user.

Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad -

I go back about 10 years with Gabe - the singer from Cobra Starship. they are fun if not very good band - They just dropped their new single - Thought I would help get a little play to some folks who may not hear it otherwise. While its not really my scene - you cannot deny that its a fun tune.

This is hot it all started as Midtown (when things were better)

That song belongs in the pop punk hall of fame for sure. This band should have blown up.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm assuming by this time I will be at 8000 hits on this blog.

I never thought when I started that I would even get 1000. Thank you all for helping me to find a voice (still working on that to a degree), find a community, a place to have fun and speak my mind about things no one in my everyday lift gives a shit about.

I've got some big projects I am working on for this place - may be a few months down the line until I am ready, but I will have you know its something that I have already been working on for about 6 months - we are getting closer... I know some of you will be into it, some not - and it may bring a lot of new readers over - we will see.

Thank you again everyone - I'm averaging a little more than 1000 hits a month - That is due to all of you kind folks keeping me on your blog rolls and coming back again and again if even just to spite Rey Ordonez. Take it easy

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Great Idea (Hat Tip to

Disclaimer - this is all cut and paste - no original thought here - just thought it was a great idea.

The great poet Lastings Milledge once said, in the song Bend Your Knees, “I’m the king of all bling, came to lay down the evidence; not George Bush, but L. Millz be the President.”

…well, he may not be the President… but, he may end up being a starting outfielder in the All-Star Game…

Milledge is currently in Triple-A, since being demoted by the Nationals earlier this season. Yet, he is still listed on the ballot from MLB for the National League All-Star Team.

So, the popular Red Sox site, Sons of Sam Horn, is encouraging Red Sox fans to vote Milledge in as a starting outfielder, writing:

“Milledge is on the NL All-Star ballot. He needs to make the team. Nothing would be more NatsTown than having the Natinals’ (lone?) All-Star game representative be a AAA player for whom the organization has no plan.”

In a post to Big League Stew, ‘Duk writes, “Throw in Nats fans like Chris Needham who wish to see their franchise shamed and scheming baseball bloggers like yours truly and maybe there’s a chance to generate some headlines with inflated vote totals.”

To vote in players for MLB’s annual popularity contest, click here.

We all know if we have time to blog we have time to vote - lets do it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

2 of these Are Probabbly Happening This Weekend

Star Trek

Sunshine Cleaning

The Great Buck Howard

Well - Star Trek is tonight - Probabl Buck Howard Saturday - but I know the wife really wants to see Sunshine Cleaning - decisions decisions

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anyone Else Excited For This?

6 New Green Day Songs Here

2 B - Sides Here

I remember seeing the Longview video on MTv very late one night and ordering the cd from Columbia house the next day... It was a matter of weeks before my hair was blue.

I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Green Day and plan on celebrating the new album the way I did "American Idiot". I'm gonna get drunk with my friend Matt and listen to it about 7 times.

Who says I have no ambition.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend Recap - B Mets Bowling and Shenanigans

So Saturday morning I eluded to what my day was going to be like, with the Binghamton Mets bowling tournament and game. It turned out to be quite a fun day.

First me, my wife Sarah, and my buddy Joe went to the game to see the team get shelled - I think the final score was 14-4? It was not good. Nothing really notable, just a bunch of walks and doubles and walks and doubles - no homer with all those runs. Just walks and runs - Minor League Baseball at its worst.

After such a bad loss we (Me and Joey - at this point Sarah had made her way onto other plans) were worried that the guys would not be in a very social mood since they just got their asses handed to them, so we started getting drunk.

Very drunk.

Before we even entered the bowling ally I had 3 beers. The pitchers kept coming. (This may be important later).

So we get inside and find that the player that was assigned to our team was Johnathan Malo. We come to find out however that he would not be bowling with us as he hurt his back during the game. This was disappointing, but it was okay, because on the team next to us was the guy we wanted to be with, Josh Thole.

I tell you - It's hard to forget that these are just normal dudes with an entirely different skill set than the rest of us. The like dick and fart jokes... they go to Dillengers and hook up with the same girls as the Binghamton Senators - They live in shitty parts of Johnson City - Just like the rest of us.

Even better than that though is how down to earth these guys - and how much they want this. Before the season started, both players where there for the Red Sox Mets games at Citi field before the season started. Just hearing Malo talk about what it was like to hit against John Papelbon (hard groundout to short) or Josh Thole talk about how Brian Schneider and Ryan Church took him under their wings and really made them feel like part of the team.

There were other stories told that I'm not gonna share today, or maybe ever as maybe its stuff they dont want printed on the Internet, albeit on this little blog.

Mark Kiger (who holds the distinction as the only modern era player to make his MLB debut in the postseason - for the Athletics) who my wife thinks is super dreamy signed a ball for my wife. Short recap of how that went

Me - Mark - Can you sign this ball for my wife - she thinks you are dreamy
Mark - Sure - whats her name?
Me - Sarah
Mark - OK - should I do anything else?
Me - I dunno, draw a heart or a cock or something
Mark - Dont think my wife would like that - I'll do heart

I thought it would have been way funnier with the cock, but I digress.

So now flash forward to the end of the night. This was not planned, but the shirt I had on under my polo shirt was wearing has giant holes (intentional) the size of large melons right where my melons are. so (about 10 - 12 beers in at this point) I figure it would be funny to wear that shirt for the last frame - boy did that make a splash. I had about half the team come shake my hand and pose for pictures with me and my hairy ta-tas. I tell you - it was weird to have players like Adam Bostick come up to you and say "Whats up man. I'm adam and that is fucking awesome!"

So I take all these pictures and then some random ladies ask to have their picture taken with my mammories, you know - for the memories. I say of course, but you have to motorboat me. For those unfamiliar - a motor boat is when you put your face into some breast and go mmm mmm mmm mmm while shaking your head in the "no" manner.

So there are probably pictures of some random birds (approx 5 or 7) either holding my bosom, or shaking their faces in it. It's amazing what people will do for the guy in the weird shirt.

The night ended at the bar Fitzies in Binghamton with my friends band playing a cover set of Green Day Dookie. Really good time, I got to sing Coming Clean (best song on the album) and got to see lots of old friends.

Great day - can't wait to do it again next year - Also cant wait til next time I go to a B Mets game and some player says "Hey - its the titty guy".

Body Count Winner!

A big congrats over to Captain Canuck over @ Waxaholic for correctly guessing there would be 1 casualty in this weeks episode, and not by the hand of Bauer....

but who killed Jonas Hodges?

Was it the hit man?

Or was it Aaron Pierce - once again falling victim to some bat shit crazy lady? First Martha, now Victoria....

who do you all think it was?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Body Count thread

I think there are only 3 episodes left - so lets keep it going!

How many for Jack?

Everyone Else?

The Lidge/Estrada cards are still up along with these three cards from last/this week - you know the rules and everything lets see what you go!

we have up for grabs

09 UD Elijah "I'll rape your teenage daughter" Dukes auto

07 Ud Elements Ryan Zimmerman see through thing

07 Fleer Ultra Miguel Cabrera GU Faces of the Game

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lack of Posts

Hey everyone - sorry for the lack of posting of late - Things have been busy here in the Brown house - between job issues/looking for a new one, interviews, family, the Binghamton Mets, and general summerness I'm finding time for other things -

This blog will be kicking, and not by choice, but I think posts will slow down until it gets cold out again. Who knows. Just wanted to say sorry to anyone who wasnt able to kill 3 minutes at work reading this... I know I depend on all of you when I'm locked my cube.

Anyway - Today I will be going to a Binghamton Mets game then a charity bowling tournament hosted by the team. I dont know where the money goes, not really too concerned, but we get to bowl 3 games, get free dinner, auto baseball and anything else you bring. It's a great time, last year got to bowl with future NY Mets Dan Murphy, john Niese, eddie Kunz. Great time, great guys. If I remember the wifes camera, I might take some pictures - If I dont - shit happens. Take care and see you all again on Monday!