Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alternababe Crushes of High School part 7

OK! We are down to the final 2! Tomorrow my all - time favorite girl will be declared, but today I bring you to you the runner up.

Anna Waronker
Band: That Dog
Song: Never say Never
Album: Retreat From the Sun

That Dog is a band that was always terribly inconsistent when it came to songwriting. Anna is a girl who is always consistent when it comes to being a very pretty girl. There is one thing to say about this video - she can be very foxy without taking it to a dirty X-Tina type level. Plus the song is catchier than AIDS. When that dog disbanded the members went on to do their own thing and some joined up with Matt Sharp of Weezer fame to do the The Rentals. Another classic alt rock band that does not get their due.

Heritage High numbers 17-20

4 more then 4 more then no more

Pack 17

Jason Kubel

Kevin Mench

Maicer Izturis

Gergorio Petit RC

Wes Helms bb

Gabe Gross SP

U/h Jeff Ridgeway/Andy Laroche

Pack 18

Jorge Cantu

AJ Pierzynski

Curtis Granderson

Doug Mientkiewicz

Glendon Rusch

Darrel Rasner Chrome 711/1959

U/H Chris Gomez/Josh Banks RC

Pack 19

Brian Anderson

Troy Percival

Darrell Rasner

Mike Redmond

Florida Marlins

Eric Hurley RC SP

U/H Cesar Izturis/ Craig Hansen

Pack 20

Chase Headley

Paul Maholm

Tim Redding

Clayton Kershaw RC

Jose Arredondo RC

Carlos Delgado Baseball Highlights

u/H Taylor Teagarden RC /Miguel Tejada AS

Nothing too eventful - last set of packs tomorrow

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alternababe Crushes of High School part 6

Now, while compiling this list I thought of a few ladies whom maybe should have been included but decided not to. One of them was all time train wreck Courtney Love. While her band was good, she is the Yoko Ono of Nirvana and a total slore. No go.

Now however, an oversight I cannot believe I made is being corrected right here in the top 3.

Kim Shattuck
Band: - The Muffs
Song: Sad Tomorrow
Album: Blonder and Blonder

Okay, now in my days, I have never once had a single person agree with me that Kim is a total knockout. All I can say is, I like what I like - I don't anticipate many agreeing with me here, but if you are a fan of solid pop punk - at least you can appreciate her. I first heard the Muffs on the Angus soundtrack (a GREAT teen comedy, totally underrated and great soundtrack through and through). So after hearing the song, I did what any enterprising teenager would do.

Join Columbia House under a fake name and get 12 cds for 1 penny! (and then never pay).

I probably owe them...well lets just say I've got over 40 cds from that place for less than $5 bucks.

Anyway - I loved the album, and their follow up Happy Birthday To Me I view as a classic pop punk album, up there with the Queers and Screeching Weasel. Please enjoy Sad Tomorrow.

2008 Heritage High Numbers packs 13-16

Lets just jump in - these are the first cards from the last half of the longest box break that I have ever done. And its all for you. (not you though, you know who you are)

Pack 13

Solomon Torres
Jose Castillo
Jeff Smaardzija RC
Minnesota Twins
Chris Davis Rookie Performers
Ryan Langerhans SP
U/H John Rheinecker/TJ Beam

Pack 14

Jerry Hairston
Alexi Casilla
Cody Ross
Jo-Jo Reyes
Cliff Floyd

Colorado Rockeis
U/H Matt Treanor/Morgan Ensberg

Pack 15

eric Hinske
Brett Gardner RC

Denard Span RC
Toronto Blue Jays
Angel Berroa
Ryan Raburn
U/H Gregorio Petit RC/Tony Clark

Pack 16

Glen Perkins
Jamey Wright
Jeff Keppinger
Then and Now Bob Allison/Dustin Pedroia

Jose Castillo Chrome 1724/1959
U/H Jonathan Albaladejo/Chris Volstad RC
It's time for me to go on record with how much I LOVE this Rookie Performers set - I will collect every one.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Alternababe Crushes of High School Part 5

So how has everyone been enjoying their quick trip back a decade to the days of M2 and 120 Minutes? Todays lassie is

Louise Post AND Nina Gordon
Band: Veruca Salt
Album: American Thighs

Lousie in the video is the girl on the left in the T shirt and Nina is the lead vocalist. Now, I have always been partial to Louise (so was Dave Grohl - to my knowledge the classic song Everlong is about her) so she will be the focus here. There was always an unspoken struggle between the two women who shared songwriting duties but rarely worked together on a tune. Since their split, Louis continues to use the Veruca Salt moniker and Nina has been recording on her own. Unfortunately, neither has found much success with the other. Please enjoy - Seether .

sorry to have to send you to You Tube for the link, but their video inbed options have been disabled. Weak. Had I known that I would have demoted them on the list!

EDIT - The following video is not of Veruca Salt, but is the song "Powerball" from the band Helium. I don't know much about the band, but this is the honorable mention here since... well I dont need to justify anything to you. As a band they were okay, as a babe... not my type - looks like if the girl from king of queens got beat up. BUT - this is notable because when i was 16 and a Junior in High School I made out with a girl in here dorm and SUNY Binghamton listening to this album.. Hell Yeah

TTM - Andy Ashby

This is a card from Topps that I obtained in a trade with Joe. Not too much to say about Andy, he had a few very good seasons in which he was an All Star in 1998/1999. He went 17-9 and 14-10 respectively those years. Look at those numbers and Andy's career, you think nice seasons, good pitcher. Put those two seasons on the free agent market and you are looking at a guy like Carl Pavano looking for that big contract. Its amazing how things change in 10 years.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Want List

OK. - 2008 upper Deck Masterpieces - I have a good amount of doubles for trade and need a bunch of SPs - here is the list


7, 14, 42, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 12, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120

If you can help I am willing to trade for these sps - I have game used cards available, sps from other sets and a lot of doubles from 08 Topps Heritage, so let me know!

12/12/08 - Danny @ Saints of the Cheap Seats sent 3 my way
3/11/09 - Chris from Nachos Grande got me 3 closer
5/21/09 - Steve @ sent over Eddie Murray - toooo sweeeet

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Alternababe Crushes from High School Part 4

Todays beauty is

Justine Frischmann
Band: Elastica
Song: Connection
Album: Elastica

From the opening chords of this song, I was sold. Yes, its reminiscent of that old tune by Wire, but whatever, nothing is new or original anymore anyhow. She brings the hot to the table in many ways. 1) British girl - nice teeth, sweet accent 2) I was/am a complete sucker for girls with this haircut. My wife actually just got one very similar to it, and I am a happy man. 3) This album was full of great pop songs. I actually had a hard time choosing the video to feature here, but since this was their biggest hit it got the call. take 2 minutes to enjoy yourself.

Also - Something for the ladies here as well - about a dozen naked dudes. I wonder how the drummer felt about this shoot?

Heritage High Numbers Box Break packs 9-12

and on we go...

Pack 9

Aaron Miles
CJ Wilson
Ryan Freel
Ramon Vazquez
Gabe Kapler bb
Max Scherzer RC
U/H David Wright/Mark Teixeira
Pack 10

Damion Easley
Angel Pagan
John Buck
Kansas City Royals
Chase Headley Chrome refracter 420/559
Migeul Montero SP
U/H Eulogio De La Cruz / Carlos Marmol

Pack 11

Mike Aviles RC
Mark Ellis
Ben Zobris t
Matt Harrison RC
Then and Now Jake Peavy/Early Winn

Brian Burres Chrome 173/1959
U/H Marco Scuator/Alex Hinshaw RC

Pack 12

Mike Pelfrey
Ryan Sweeney
Dana Eveland
Blake Dewitt RC
Texas Rangers
Marcus Thames Chrome 148/1959
U/H Matt Garza/ Hernan Iribarren RC
More to follow in the next day or 2

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lady Alternarocker Crushes of High School Part 3

Next up on my prom wishlist...

#5 - Kay Hanley
Band - Letter To Cleo
Song - Awake
Album - Wholesale Meats and Fish

Letters to Cleo you may remember hit it big when a song off their first album called "Here and Now" was featured on the Melrose Place soundtrack. This, like almost everybody else is what got me into the band. But this song "awake" off their second album is the kind of song that has kept Letters to Cleo on my most listened list in I Tunes. After this album, LTC put out one more record before disbanding. Kay went on to do a solo career and do all the vocals for the Josie and Pussycats movie soundtrack (guilt pleasure extraordinaire) and drummer Stacy Jones went on to form American Hi-Fi.

What appeals to most about Kay is the voice and the fact that she looks just like that one girl you went to highschool with who always wore her hair a little funky, and wouldn't immediately laugh when you approached her. I loved that girl.

Part 4 Tomorrow

TTM - Scott Bailes

Today's card, like many of my cards came from a trade with friend, downstairs neighbor, co-worker Joe @ MLB Collector. This is a 92 Donruss card of Mr. Scott Bailes pictured as a CALIFORNIA angel (back before you needed to take a breath after you completed saying the full team name). Scott's career was for the most part not remarkable (by way of a normal player - I doubt there are any of us who don't feel just getting there is incredible). What I find most interesting about Scott is that he now calls games on the radio for the Cardinals AA team.

Personally, I love listening to former ballplayers (McCarver excluded) - this applies more so to on radio than TV. There is a sense of legitimacy to what they are saying. Who are your favorites to listen to?

Updated / New Want lists

Since I have a birthday coming up --- and there is some other holiday - Flag Day I think - I thought now would be a good time to throw a few want lists at the wall and see what sticks

1992 Topps

315, 340, 357, 772,

2008 Topps Co-Signers

3, 7, 18, 19, 21, 36, 39, 41, 42, 43, 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 55, 61, 70, 71, 73, 74, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 86, 90, 93, 94, 95, 100

Thank you kindly for dealing with a boring post!

Contributors To Completion
Greg @ Night Owl Cards - 12 92 Topps Cards
Danny @ Saints of the Cheap Seats - bunch of 92 Topps cards - 27 more to go!
4/2/09 - 17 more 92 Topps from Greg @ Lake Effect Cards!
4/3/09 - 6 more 92 Topps to go thanks to reader Brandon!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lady Alternarocker Crushes of High School Part 2

Today's stunning purveyor of teen angst is...

#6 - Shirley Manson
Band - Garbage
Song - Only Happy When It Rains
Album - Garbage

Garbage is the baby of a group of super producers from the alternative scene (heavy hitter/drummer Butch Vig being the most notable) and a sexpot from Scotland named Shirley Manson. Garbage were really one hit wonders as far as albums go, as they were never able to duplicate the success of their debut. This makes sense because they really were not an AMAZING band. Just good. And Shirley... oh Shirley. Picture yourself as a 14 year old boy whos got a hard on for heavy music, and not much oppurtunity for using that hard on any where else. picture it... I'll wait.

OK. Now you see this video of a pretty good band and a very hot girl full of piss and vinnegar. Harlot red hair. This is the alternateen dream. Now read the interview with her in Spin Magazine. I dont remember anything about that interview except multiple references to the color and amount/lack of pubic hair. Remember now, you are an awkward 14 year old boy. and you are now in love.

Part 3 Tomorrow

Land of Steves - Trades Receiveds (sorta rhymes)

Ok - Well, today I got 2 packages, one from Jeff Wolfe at Card Junkie (this man is going all Space Odyssey compared to this post with his videos!) and the other from a little blog about some dudes in Chicago. Since my wife is sleeping and sick and my scanner is loud and well, we get the dilly text wise. Sorry to got so 2006 on ya.

Now, both of these men sent me a handful of 1990 Fleer cards that I needed to finish my NOW COMPLETED set.

Now, I dont know about all of you, but when I complete a set, I often go all Southern Baptist and have an old school freakout....

Like this

Give it about 30 seconds until you see the kind of excitement that I am talking about.

So now that i've gotten the ghost, It's time to move on to the rest of the goodies.

All of these cards come from Steve and I thank him for it.

2008 goudey Prince Fielder

2008 Ud Baseball Heroes

torii Hunter
Pedro Martinez
Carlos Delgado
Omar Vizquel
Kevin Kousmanoff
Reyes/Jeter Duel Card

2008 Topps Heritage Low

NAP Vladdddddy
Dali Lama
Luis Aparicio
Luke Hochever (pronounced ho shaver I believe - good for him)
Tad Iguchi
David Wright
The Riot
Cole Hamels SP

Thanks to the both of you - all of these cards are now safe in their respective pages

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lady Alternarocker Crushes of High School - Part 1

This is the first of a one week series I've been kicking around in my head. I thank Steve @ White Sox Cards for being the one dude out there that I know will enjoy this. Hopefully a few more of you do as well.

So here is whats happening. I think as its well known at this point, along with baseball cards, my other major interest in music. Now, there are many things to love about music - when I was in high school, if it was distorted and had a good chorus, I was in. The only thing better than that is if in the band was a super cute girl with short hair. Hence, I bring you my top 7 lady alternarockers. Now this list is a combination of bitchin' song, good rockin', and good lookin'. Sometimes the song isn't as bitchin or rockin, but the girl is - magnificent. Other times, the song is the cats pajamas, and the girl... well she wrote a good song. Here we go

#7 - Kim Deal
Band - The Breeders
Song - Divine Hammer
Album - Last Splash

Kim Deal is probably best known for her time spent as the bass player for arguably the most influential alternative rock band ever, The Pixies. however, after a Pixies split she joined up with her sister Kelly (and lots of heroin) to form the Breeders. Their biggest hit was Cannonball, however I feel strongly that this was the best song they ever penned. Now, while I love this song, it is only number 7 because I only kinda like Kim. So now that I look like a superficial d-bag, here is the first video - leave me some love, tell me what you think. Part 2 tomorrow.

Body Count

Ok - My guiltiest pleasure is 24. You have all seen it, you know the drill, I bet a lot of you watch it. This Year, I wanted to run a body count of how many people Jack Bauer kills versus how many people die at the hands of anybody else. Now, I do think I will count and catastrophies like a nuclear bomb, only more singular gun shot/grenade type killings.

So after a weak premier movie, 24:Redemption

we have our first count.

Jack Bauer killed - 14 People
Everyone else killed - 11 People

I will keep a running total -

Now, When the season starts I may run some contests over who correctly guess and body counts before the show air time - and I will find some goodies to give out.. I will flesh this all out before the premier in January.

Heritiage High Numbers Box Break part 2

Here are packs 5-8

Pack 5

Marco Scutaro

Jonny Gomes

Clete Thomas RC

Jeremy Sowers

Joe Mather RC

John Danks Chrome 1780/1959

Willy Aybar Chrome 344/1959

u/H Brad Thompson/Armando Galarraga

Pack 6

Joel Pinero

Greg Dobbs

Brandon Lyon

Seattle Mariners

Max Ramirez RC

Dana Eveland Chrome 201/1959

U/H Greg norton/Brian horwitz

Pack 7

Mike Napoli

Nick Punto

Adam Kennedy

kelly Shoppach

Jeff Mathis

Matt Stairs SP

U/H Brendan Harris / Xavier Nady

Pack 8

Erick Aybar

Todd Jones

Brandon Boggs RC

Sean Gllagher

Chris Dickerson RC

Jay Bruce RC Chrome 305/1959

U/H Chris Burke/ Chris Carter RC

More on the way soon

Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 Heritage High numbers Box Break Packs 1-4

The Heritage fairy came! Here are the first 4 packs

First we have the box topper featuring Brian Schneider, Mat Diaz, and Darin Erstad - I Think I will try to get all three to sign it TTM this next season.

Pack 1

Willy Aybar
John Bowker RC
Kevin Millar bb
johnny Estrada Clubhouse Collection - Ugh... really?
Marco Scutaro Chrome 20/1959
U/H Geoff Blum/Chad Moeller

Pack 2

Mike Jacobs
Mike Gonzalez
Mike Lamb
Rob quilan
Greg Reynolds RC
Andy Marte
U/H Fernando Tatis/Ivan Rodriguez

Pack 3

Jay Bruce RC
Chris Davis RC
Masahide Kobayashi RC
Carlos Marmol
Jody Gerut
Kevin Slowey SP
U/H Jeremy Affeldt/Corey Hart

Pack 4

Marcus Thames
Matt Macri RC
Carlos Gonzalez RC
Ken Griffey Jr Baseball Flashbacks
Taylor Teagarden RC bb
Bryan Lahair RC
U/H Kosuke Fkudome RC/Kelvin Jimenez

Well, not a great start - some good rookies, but a shit relic and only 1 SP. Better luck next time

5 Hobby Packs of Topps Series 2

When I dropped in for my Heritage fix, I picked up a smattering of packs to work towards my set. Here are the results (and maybe some scans if there is anything interesting). I will arbitrarily assign a score 1-10 to see which is the best pack.

Pack 1

Jose Guillen
Ricky Nolasco
Jeff Francoeur
Ted Lilly
Erick Threets RC
Chris Capuano gold 971/2008
Topps Stars Alfonso Soriano
Adam Kennedy
Matt Murton
Gary Matthews

2 points due to the Soriano insert

Pack 2

Jay Gibbons
Scott Baker
Alex Cora
Nick Punto
Nick Markakis Trading Card History
Franklin Guitierez gold
Dead President/Aspiring Dead President
Jon Garland
Mike Rabelo
Bobby Abreu

0 points - If I ever get another card of a president, well, I wont do anything, but I won't be pleased

Pack 3

Pat Neshak (TTM's best friend)
Miguel Batista
Cliff Floyd
Pedro Martinez
Chris Young
Hideki Matsui
More Dead Presidents
Rickie Weeks
Willy Tavarez
Eric Gagne

- 10 points - damn presidential cards

Pack 4

Marcus Thames
Brendan Ryan
Alex Gonzalez
Elliot Johnson RC
Adam Everett
Oliver Perez
Tom Gorzalanny Gold
Jonny Gomes
Kenny Rogers
Casey Kotchman

ummm...1 point?

Pack 5

Ryan Theriot
Kyle Davies
Fred Lewis
Bill Hall
Tom Gordon
All Star Rookie Adam Dunn - what is it with me and Adam Dunn lately
Reggie Willits gold
Austin Kearns
Joba "dui" Chamberlain
Scott Hairston

how on earth is this pack the winner with 3 points - these have to be the worst 5 packs in the history of packaging.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Trade with Chris @ Stale Gum

Recently I sent Chris @ Stale Gum some cards off his want lists and few other cards and today I got his package back in the mail, and boy... what a package it was.

First off, there were a bunch of cards off my 08 Goudey want list. I am down to needing only 12 more to complete the base set w/o sps - please - check it out if you think you can help me. I chose to show these two cards because they both recently did something notable - but I cannot remember what it was.

Since I cannot remember... here is my challenge to you. Please use the comment section below to make up a story about what it is exactly Albert Pujols and Dustin Pedroia did. I'll give you the first sentence - you do the rest.

It was a cold week in November after the season where both of their teams did not win a world series. However, a great happening in both of their lives happened upon Albert and Dustin's car got stranded on the highway in a small town in Upstate New York.....

Next up, were a small stack of 08 Heritage to get me a bit closer to the set. I still need quite a bit of help, but every card helps. I chose to show Big Prince here because he is hands down the fattest vegan I have ever see and was wonderfully satirized on The Onion as a gigantic cheeseburger. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
Next were 3 sealed backs of 1993 Duracell Power Players cards. I scanned the checklists of the packs I received below. Your standard early 90's stars. What I love about sets like these is how the remind me of the Real World where all corporate logos are blurred out or removed. Each player plays for a team with no logo!
How fitting a nickname is "Strawman" for a dude who did tons of coke?
Now finally we get to the big guns. Nestled behind another sweet card you are about to see, is my very first Jose Reyes game used card. This comes from a set that I loved, Fleer Ultra 907). I know it was bastardized for hobby, but I got all of mine and K-Mart and totally think these cards are sweet. Upper Deck totally screwed the pooch on this one.
Now Finally - we have a 1/1 Chris Harris Autograph. I know I have never gotten on my soap box about sticker autos - but I don't love them. My mind has been changed. This sig rivals Brian Bannister's for the best in the biz, and now, if I ever need to know where to go for snarky commentary, I'll never forget.

So a HUGE thanks goes out to Chris - Make sure to check him out and let him know how much you want to hear Wesley Willis's tale of whooping Batman's ass.

TTM - Rafael Belliard

When I first started sending cards out in the mail early 2008, one of the first cards I got back was from Rafael Belliard. We all know the drill, all field no hit middle infielder. Dime a dozen in his era. The one thing I found interesting about this signature is that it looks like that english is second language as far as handwriting as well as speaking. I know I shouldnt talk since the few of you who have seen my hand writing can attest to its awfulness, but I truly feel that one thing an athlete must have is a kick ass auto. I do apprecaite getting this card back from Rafael, and Iprobably like it more than most because it looks like he signed it in 5th grade, but really - c'mon now.

2008 Topps Heritage Wantlist

So, I am a set builder at heart - I buy retail, I often know what cards I need only by number, not the name on front. There are few sets that I am currently working on, and will be posting my want lists as I get them composed. If there is anything here you can help me with, I would be very thankful. If you want to trade, let me know what you are working on and I can do my best to help you out.

2008 Topps Heritage

122, 187, 196, 198, 231, 337, 427, 431, 434, 430, 433, 444, 467,  448, 449, 453, 454, 456, 461, 463, 464, 465,  469, 470, 471, 472, 475, 477, 479, 481, 484, 485, 488, 493,

Baseball Flashbacks

New Age Performers
5, 13, 15
Then and Now
4, 9
**Update**Thanks to Chris @ Fan Of Reds I have 12 less cards on this list - many thanks my friend!** UPDATE **Thank you Dayf for knocking a few more cards off my list - still quite a ways to go** UPDATE **Mr. Chris Harris was kind enough to send me 9 more cards off this list. It's getting bumped to the top in hopes that the Heritage Fairy is watching and will come to me in my sleep with a box of high numbers.**UPDATE**Steve @ White Sox Cards sent me 8 more cards for my Heritage set - bringing me that much closer to the goal. Thank you my friend - your package is on the way**UPDATE**Reader Steve K got me 5 cards closer - Thank you sir~**UPDATE**Cliff got me just a few cards closer! Step by StepUPDATE -Reader Chris has me 1 card closerUPDATE -No more Kenny Lofton Thanks to RayUpdateThanks to Greg @ Night Owl Cards I am 2 cards closer2 cards closer thanks to Joe @ MLB Collector
6/4/09 - 5 more from the Collective Troll!

A New Face

Hey everyone - just wanted to write up a quick note saying my good friend, (one of my Groomsmen) Joe just started up a card blog and I'd love for you to go check him out. He's only 2 days old, has 4 posts, and seems really excited to join the crew. I had to write him since my name is his domain - so go check him out, leave him feedback, let him know you care, rub his shoulders, reach release together.

and fall in love.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Looking for Someone to Love Me - Autos

Okay, Todays post is a little like house keeping. Looking through my "hits" I noticed there were quite a few that I was not really attached to. Now, I know that there are plenty of different team collectors out there, and maybe someone might want to give some of these cards new homes. For Trade, I would be looking for something similar - Ie... Auto for Auto or auto/gu for a chunk of cards towards a set. I can't just give it all away! But I probably will.. who knows. First up are 5 Auto cards that are taking up space.

I already have a few of you in mind out there for some of these cards, but I dont know what you have, and dont want to make you feel like you NEED to take them off my hands. So here is a quick rundown of what you see above.

Felipe Paulino Auto 416/500 from 08 Topps Co-Signers

Bronson Arroyo Auo (AU-BA) from 07 Upper Deck Elements

Micah Owings Auto (ART-MO) from 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 All Rookie Team (as D Back)

Michael Bournce Auto (ART-MB) From 08 UD s1 All Rookie Team (as Phillie)

Jesse Crain auto from 07 Ud Artifacts

Shoot me an email or leave me a comment and see if we can work something out. I have a bunch of game used that will be showing up here shortly. Thank you all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am who they thought I was

Since I have been reading Sports Cards Uncensored since near its inception, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring for the first (of what I hope is many) Blog Bat Around.

If I had to give myself a designation as one type of collected, I could say with certainty that I am a set collector. When I started dipping my toes back into the hobby waters around April last year, it all started with 2 packs of 2007 Topps Series 1. Thats how all of this started again. I'd had all my old cards still in my closet and would bust them out from time to time, pick up a junk box of E-Bay - file them and back in the closet.

Then I realized that when making a dreaded Target or Wal-Mart run, I could actually get something that doesnt annoy me, I was going any time that I could. Now, had I made the decision to go to a hobby shop at this time - It may have turned differently. however, I am just recently married, have years of poor decision making to make up for, and in turn, really do not have a lot of expendable income - so building a set out of $2 packs was the way to go. I was able to have a goal and able to collect while not dipping into the bill money. It was great, and I was back.

I never did finish that set because my mom, bless her heart, bought me the complete factory set for X-Mas, and I felt it was redundant to keep buying cards I had. Maybe someday I will revisit it. But now, if I look to my left, there are 4 binders full of cards, one for 08 UD, one for 08 Topps (1/2/UH), one for 08 Heritage/High, and one for 08 Goudey/B Heroes. Not only that, but whenever I have the chance, I try to fill in cards from my youth... Try as I might, I cannot turn down a $10 junk wax box from the late 80s/early 90s.

There is something about that few hours that just takes me back. Rip the packs, put them in # order, make a checklist. Put the doubles in the mail pile. Later, Rinse, Repeat.

To date, my biggest accomplishment, and first set that I finished since my youth is my 87 Topps baseball set. I was determined to get this set exclusively through packs (no trading, no buying singles) and somehow, it took me 4, yes 4 boxes, but when I finally got that last card (Terry Pendleton), I could not have been happier. Those cards now proudly sit on my shelf and get pulled out and paged through quite often. There have been a few times where I try to be adult and tell myself I cannot keep doing this. Just got married, kids will be on the way probably sooner or later, how can I keep spending all of this time, money, space in the house, on kids stuff? Well, it's because I love it. And if you are a blogger, or someone who reads this rag, I am sure there is a part of you that feels the same way.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good hit as much as anyone else. You all, or 4 of you, read how excited I was to get that David Wright game used card. I love to pull a sweet auto of a pack, and try to by Hobby boxes of what I collect when I can afford to. If nothing else, the hits become sweet trade bait. Here's the thing though, If I never get another "Hit" again - I really don't think that I would mind. I know this is the antithesis to how Gellman collects, but thats okay - there is room for all of us, and I actually feel that I am better off if there is more ying to my yang. This way wecan all help each other.

That is a lot of the reason I started writing my own blog. I've been reading them a lot and rarely ever commenting, but I started noticing the community involved. Lame/mushy/whatever. It's weird how come my dinner break at work, I really look forward to that hour of running down the blog roll. I feel good when one of you finishes your set, gets a great pull, has a great ancedote about a card or player. I am not sure where I am really going with this, and feel I may have ventured off topic. But thats how I feel about it. I might have to stop at Target on my way to work today and see whats on the shelves. Every pack can get you closer.

Topps Series 2 Blaster Pack Battle part III

And here is the third and final entry in the Target blaster battle - again, the points are as follows

Rookie - 5 Points
Met - 5 Points
All-Star - 2 points (each appearance)
Guy on my fantasy team - 5 points
Insert - 5 points
anything with a president - minus 5 points
Manager - minus 3 points
dispshit no one should really care about - 0 points
Checklist - minus 10

So far pack five is winning with 41 Points

Pack 7 -

Josh Hamilton - 2
Rocco Baldelli - 0
Chris Snyder - 0
Nate Robertson - 0
Chone Figgins YIR - 5
Homer Bailey - 0
James Shields - 0
Brian Wilson - 2 P

ack Total - 9 points

Pack 8

Checklist - -10
Jose Castillo - 0
Cla Meredith - 0
Jesse Litsch - 0
Jair Jurrjens - 0
Manny Parra - 0
Casey kotchman - 0
Kenny Rogers - 8
Jonny Gomes - 0

Pack total - Minus 2 points - so far the worst of the bunch by far

Pack 9

Adam Kennedy - 0
Matt Murton - 0
Gary Sheffield - 18 + 5 = 23
Todd Jones - 2
Campaign 44 - -5
Topps Stars Jimmy Rollins - 5 + 6 = 11
Daniel Cabrera - 0
Jorge De La Rosa - 0

Total - 36 points - 2nd place pack so far

Final Pack 10

Chase utley - 6
Marlon Byrd - 0
Mike Lamb AS Rookie - 5
Delwyn Young - 0
Mike Morse - 0
Mike Rabelo - 0
JonGarland - 2
Gary Matthews - 2

Pack total - 15 points

So we have our winner! Pack 5 on the strength of 3 big time starters, Schilling, Johnson, and Verlander - is the Winner

Ah, and the game used card is Adam Dunn - who wants it? Until Next Time

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Want List

Another underwhelming set from 2008 that I have too many cards from to ignore my checklist. This is just because of the $15 blasters. I am sure of it. I get the itch in target, and if there isnt anything else I am working on, a few boxes of these come home with me. This is probably why my doubles stack is almost as large as what I have. So I will not be puying too much more of this, looking to fill it up through trade if possible. Here goes


Once again, much love to anyone who can help - I've got lots of doubles and lots of parallels I don't care about, just let me know what you need!


Thank you Steve @ White Sox Cards for 8 more cards towards my set - these will be getting paged up right quick!

** UPDATE **

Cliff @ Capewoods Collections sent along 13 cards towards the set! Thank you my friend!


Reader Chris got me 2 cards closer


Andy of 78 Topps brought me 17 cards closer!


Reader Ray got me 10 cards closer!
Greg from Night Owl Cards got me 3 more !
Chris from Nachos Grande has me 14 cards away!

Another Sweet Tune

Below you will find a video from the Foo Fighters new DVD that comes out today Live from Wembley Stadium - This is from their most recent tour for their last album.

My wife and I saw this show here @ Binghamton University when they came through and I can say without any trepidation that Dave Grohl is unequivically the coolest dude ever.

1) He was in Nirvana - Epic
2) He played Satan in a movie
3) He has long hair and a beard
4) He wrote one of the best alternative rock albums ever, "The Colour and the Shape"
5) He boned that girl from Veruca Salt Louise Post - highschool crush supreme
6) He's a funny dude
7) He BRINGS it live as do the rest of the Foos.

Check it out

2008 Topps Series 2 Blaster Battle part II

Okay, here are the next 3 packs in my Targer blaster pack battle - for those of you who enjoy continuity, here are the rules

Rookie - 5 Points
Met - 5 Points
All-Star - 2 points (each appearance)
Guy on my fantasy team - 5 points
Insert - 5 points
anything with a president - minus 5 point
sManager - minus 3 points
dispshit no one should really care about - 0 points
Checklist - minus 10

Pack 4

Nate McLouth - 2
Edwin Jackson - 0
Reggie Willits - 0
Year In Review Dan Haren - 5+4 = 9
Juan Pierre - 0
Trey Hillman - -3
Joe Crede - 2
bobby Abreu - 4

pack Total - 14 points

Pack 5

Matt Cain - 0
Curt Schilling - 12
Randy Johnson - 20 points
Justin Verlander - 2
Mark Ellis - 0
Adam dunn All-star Rookie - 5 +2 = 7
alex Gordon - 0
Yuniesky Betancourt - 0

Pack Total - 41 points - so far our leader by a large sum!

Pack 6

Garrett Olson - 0
Troy Glaus - 8 points
Ryan Braun - 2
Adam Eaton - 0
Melvin Mora - 4
Mike Scioscia - 1
Mike Redmond - 0
Jason Giambi - 10 points -

Pack total - 25 points

We will finish up tomorrow with the last 4 packs

Monday, November 17, 2008

Trade with Dayf the Cardboard Junkie

Everyone's good friend Dayf over at Cardboard Junkie was kind enough to send me a bunch of cards to help close the book on some 2008 sets that I am working on. You can see what I sent him here. First up are 25 more cards towards my 2008 upper Deck Goudey set. Of the cards received, I chose to highlight this Billy Wagner card since he was the only Met, and also - he is an alpaca farmer! Near where I live, there is a place called Appalachin, NY and there is an alpaca farm there called Alppacalachin. I alwasy that that was cute. However, since Billy is just going to be a waste of 12 million bucks this year, instead of choosing a cute alpaco photo to go along here, I found what you see below - which is more production than we will get our of Billy anytime soon.

Next up is a from a group of 12 2008 Topps Heritage cards needed for the set. I chose to highlight a rookie card of Bill Murphy - now I dont know anything about this guy, never heard of him in fact, however, he got me thinking about my old college roommate, Billy Murphy - Bill was a great song writer as well as a great weed smoker - we love him for both reasons. He exposed me to Ted Leo and always hooked me up at the bar he worked at. Everybody wins. Here below are both Bills, you can try to figure out which is which.

Finally, there are 18 cards from the 2008 Upper Deck set I needed. Again, I chose to highlight the one Met that was received. Now, Instead of telling you all of the things I like about Carlos Beltran (I think I am the only Met fan who really likes the dude), I thought I would discuss the one thing a man with as much money as he has should not have. the mole. I know its superficial, and there is plenty wrong with me, however, this is just outrageous. You would think he could find a few bucks out of $17 mill/yr to get this taking care of.

I will be updated my want lists tonight or tomorrow to reflect this goodies. Dayf, Thank you very much. Hope you are enjoying the Tunes and the Cards.

2008 Topps Series 2 Blaster Part 1

This weekend while at Target buying some candles and tooth paste on a Friday night (try to tell me I dont know how to party) I got the nod from the wife when walking past the card section and of all the sets I am trying to build, this was the only blaster available, so it was.

Now, since I am sure we have all seen enough of these cards and really, none of them are all that great looking since Topps is to photography as I am to succesful dieting, there shan't (I know its not a word) but I will apply an arbitrary grading system to the cards as we go, thus making a poorly organized on the fly pack battle!

I guess I should make up some kind of score card... here we go

Rookie - 5 Points
Met - 5 Points
All-Star - 2 points (each appearance)
Guy on my fantasy team - 5 points
Insert - 5 points
anything with a president - minus 5 points
Manager - minus 3 points
dispshit no one should really care about - 0 points
Checklist - minus 10

Pack 1

Conor Jackson - 5 points (roto league)
Michael Cuddyer - 0 points
Fausto Carmona - 0 points
John Russel - -3 points
James Loney All-Star Rookie - 5pts insert, 5pts roto league = 10 points
Campaign 76 - who cares - -3 points
Kason Gabbard - 0 points
Al Reyes - 0 points

pack total = 9 points

Pack 2

Franklin gutierrez - 0
Tom Gorzelanny - 0
Brendan Ryan Gold 1581/2008 - 5
Greg Dobbs - 0
Randy Wells RC - 5
Tony Pena - 0
Franciso Cordero - 4 (2x AS)
Ronnie belliard - 2 (1x AS)

Pack Total - 16 points

Pack 3

Bruce Bochy - -3 points
Ty Wiggington - 0
Prince Fielder - 2pts
Denard Span RC - 5 points
Joakim Soria - 2
Jo-Jo Reyes - 0
Aj Burnett - 0
John Smoltz - 16 pts
Checklist - min 10

Pack total - 10 points

Stay Tuned for part II tomorrow!

1990 Fleer Want List

As I have the chance, I will be posting up some want lists for shitty old sets that I am just too close to finishing to let go. Today's Contestent is 1990 Fleer!


Honestly, I can't even say that I am too excited to be finishing this set, but I guess I am just anal retentive that way and its been sitting in various closets of mine for 18 years now, just waiting for those few missing pieces. Help me complete a part of my childhood!


Thanks to Jeff @ Card Junkie I need only 4 more of these cards to finish the set up!



Thank you to the both of you for my first completed blogger assisted set. You are both very kind!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who reads, trades, comments, any everything else for checking out my blog. I've been up for less than a month and already see that I have gotten over 500 hits. While this is small potatoes to some of you heavy hitters out there, it still makes me feel pretty great. So thank you all again, I know without my fellow bloggers, this would not have happened.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trade with Chris @ Fan of Reds/Nachos Grande

Here are the rest of my goodies from my trade with Chris from Nachos Grane/Fan of Reds. Holy Hell is Chris a generous guy. As I posted with my want lists, Chris was kind enough to send a handfull of 08 Heritage cards (which completed 5 different pages - nothing is more satisfying than that completed page) and 60, yes 60 cards for my 08 goudey set.

However, on top of that, he threw some bonus cards in the form of a bunch of random Mets - my favorite kind of bonus! Of the 38 different Mets cards, all from the early 80s - early 2ks, here are the four highlights.

First we have a 98 topps Season Highlights card of John Olerud. Now if you are also a Mets fan you remember John as being a nice hitter at the plate, and wonderrul in the field - at one time, he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated along with Robin Ventura, Rey Ordonez, and Edgardo Alfonzo as the best infield ever. This isn't why I chose to write about this card. The following story is.

The story follows as such, and I have heard conflicing reports of its truthfulness, but we never let the truth get in the way of a good story do we? Here it goes, when Ricky Henderson was released from the Mets he caught on with the Seattle Mariners. While speaking with John Olerud, also with the Mariners at this time - he told him "I used to play with a guy who always wore his helmet in the field" - Of course Olerud replied, "yeah Ricky, that was me".

I hope its true - because Ricky Henderson is in a class of his own as far as people skills and I think that this is just fantastic.

Comedian David Cross does a comedy sketch about Ricky Henderson that is pretty spot on, but I could not find it on youtube. Check out his album "Shut Up You Fucking Baby" to get the goods.

Next up is a top prospect card of Butch Huskey from 93 Upper Deck. Butch was one of my first favorite B-Mets to get to the big time. While he was a nice player, I liked him more because he (along with I think it was Tommy Allison) was the first B Met player that I ever met and had a chance to speak with.

The story is as follows - In Binghamton, we had a new movie theather, Lowes, open up in town and to celebrate they had all of their movies showing for 50 cents each. Having already seen In the Line of Fire (John Malkovich is king) I was in line the next night to go see Cliffhanger with Sly Stallone. Now, who is it that gets behind me in line? One Butch Huskey - Thank God the lines were long because it took me a while to get up the nerve to say anything, but when I finally did, he was super nice and thanked me for being a fan and even shook my hand. As a budding teenager and big baseball fan, you can imagine the thrill that this incounter with a local celebrity at that time made me feel. Thanks Butch.

Next up is Gary "Camera" Carter. Now, I know he was the main reason the Mets were able to dominate the league when they did, but I can't help feeling that he was just a big douche. I would love for my mind to change, but this man was just an asswipe. Attention staved, born-again, rightious douche. These are the things that happen when you read tell-all books about your heroes and then let that impact you when you read their lame autobiographies. Weak Gary, weak.

Finally - I dont have much to say about this card, but I love it. Mookie Wilson and Hubie Brooks rookie card from 1981 Topps! Mookie hit the grounder heard round the world that helped the Mets win it all in 1986. I'll never forget it.

Trade With Adam @ Thoughts and Sox

Well this package actually came on Monday, but like Adam, I too am late getting the post up. Along with 9 cards for my 08 Goudey set, he sent me a sweet stack of 50 Mets cards. Here are the highlights as far as I am concerned.

First up, is as someone who has only been collecting cards again since 2007 is a set that is new to me, is a David Wright card from 2005 Donruss Absolute Memrobilia. Here we have a picture of David and his worst habit, pounding his glove with the ball about 37 times before rushing a through to first that will sail towards the home side of first. Wow, that was written like a Braves fan. Long night at work. Nothing but love David, nothing but love.

Next up we have former Met/B-Met Grant Roberts from 1997 Bowman. Grant had a lot of potential, but it seemingly and literally went up in smoke. When pictures of him from what I believe was Newsday showed up on the cover with our man letting off some steam. I have a soft spot for the shitty pot Met years - Mark Corey, Tony Tarasco- you think they would realize the futility of their careers and tried saving a few bucks instead of rocking the ganja.

Next we have my two favorite cards received. These are from another set I have not seen before, but I would love to get more. it looks like these are from a set called Topps 2005 Fan Favorites. Well as a Met fan, they certainly are. You can never sleep on Straw, and while Jefferies was a little asshole not deserving of any respect from a veteran ballplayer, he was our asshole, and the reason I was never able to save my allowence money when his rookie cards hit stores in 1989.

Next is have Shawn bouman from 2005 Bowman. This guy was pretty much an afterthought of the Mets system until this year when his bat came together with his glove and hada good year in Binghamton once we lost Dan Murphy to the bigs. This one will be coming to the stadium with me this year if he makes another run through Bingo. He is currently hitting really well in the AFL.

Lastly is the big chip in the deal - A 2004 Bowman Heritage game used bat card #d 5/55 from 2004 Bowman heritage. As far as former Mets go, Mike is my 2nd favorite behind Robin Ventura. This is the first really nice Piazza card I have of him in a Mets jersey as I was not collecting in his heyday.

Please go check out Adam's blog and let him know what a good job he is doing. I feel a bit of a kinship with him as we are still both new to the scene and are both trying our best not to just showcase what we like, but help out our fellow bloggers and add a few minutes of fun reading to the day of anyone who wants it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trade Wtih the Cardboard Addict!

I just wanted to write up a quick post of the crown jewels I received in a recent trade with Joe over at Cardboard Addiction. On top of sending me a bunch of cards I needed for my 08 UD set - He sent over these bonus goodies knowing I am a big Mets fan.

First up we have a Jeremy Griffiths card from 2003 Bowman's Best. Jeremy is a guy I actually remember watching while he came through here in Binghamton - This was before I had much interaction with any of the B-Mets or looked for autos of any kind, so I dont have too much to say about him personally, but it's still awesome to be able to have this card in my collection. His time in the major leagues was then than incredible, and he hasnt been there since 2004 - but once a B-Met, you always have a place for me in your fan club.

Next there is a Ryan Coultas Auto #156/400 from Upper Deck SP Prospects. Ryan was a 6th round pick for the Mets was Baseball America's #1 D-II prospect going into the draft, however never seemed to do to much for for his pro career - in fact, I really could not find too much info on him . However, that doesnt making getting this card any less awesome. I will do abit more ersearch on him in the future.

Joe - thank you so much, and I promise to be looking into my collection to see if there are any sweet little nuggets that I can send your way.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Moneyball Movie

Ok, so while researching one of my favorite baseball books, MoneyBall by Michael Lewis (the story of Billy Beans, A's GM and the 2002 Amateur player draft), it seems that Mr. Brad Pitt is in line to play the part of Billy Beane. Now let's take a look at Billy, then a look at Brad.

Now, these are of course 2 handsome men, both very talented at what they do (and this is the first sentence of this blog that wife will undoubtedly read after wondering why next to scans of all my baseball cards I know have pictures of Brad Pitt on the harddrive), however, I just don't know how I feel about this casting.

While most accounts of what I have read about Billy Beane have made him out to be a very dynamic individual - I just feel that a star like Brad might just take away a bit from this story.

However, when I try to think of who would be better suited to play the part of Mr. Beane - My knowledge of 40 something semi-Hollywood stars falls flat.

Who do you think would be good to play the part of Billy Beane?

To get some ideas I went on over to My Heritage and plugged in Mr. Beane's face to see what celebrities the website say would be a good match.

Now, someone has to have a better suggestion out there than George Bush or Evander Holyfield.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Outta Mind, Outta Sight

My next music themed post is going to concentrate on the wonderful Wilco. Wilco has been kicking around since the mid 90s forming in Chicago, IL. They have had 6 studio albums, with my all-time favorite being the double disc released in 1996. This track is off that album is probably one of their more rockin' tunes, but definately one of the most fun. Here is Outta Mind, Outta Sight.

Another TTM Success

Next up I have a card I received in a trade with my buddy Joe of Jay Bell. Jay had a nice career spending time with Cleavland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Arizona, and ending his career with the Mets. I would imagine his personal career highlight was in 1993 when he broke Ozzie Smith's consecutive Gold Glove streak at 13 straight when he snagged the award. That same year which was his best he also took home the Silver Slugger Award. Jay was a 2 time All-Star and World Series Champion in 2001. The one thing I remember most about Jay was during the early 90's with the Pirates he lead the league in sacrifice bunts when setting the table for the likes of Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I think Scott Boras has been a a victim of occular penetration

Ok, I do not think that Scott Boras is the devil incarnate. I feel that he is just a man who is good at his job and does his best to do what his clients get him to do, which is get them paid.

However every year there seems to be a player or two who's initial contract demands are so crazy, it makes you wonder if watches different games than us all year. Of course we all know he was the driving force behind Manny splitting for Boston and his hurt knee (check out a great, but long article by Bill Simmons here).

But what has really gotten my goat are his contract demands for Jason Varitek. Yes, Jason has been a very nice player for Boston, and last time his contract was up, it was a time when he was the heart and soul of a team that was already going to be losing a few pieces and could not afford their captain to be one of them - but now, to think that he is worth Jorge Posada money (which I don't even think Jorge Posada is worth) at 4 years and 50 mill plus - one would think that Scott Boras has indeed been skull fucked.

Lets look just at the last three years of numbers from the two aging backstops

Posada (Will use 2005-2007 as those were the years preceeding free agency)

Year Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI Avg OBP SLG
2005 33 142 474 67 124 23 0 19 71 .262 .352 .430
2006 34 143 465 65 129 27 2 23 93 .277 .374 .492
2007 35 144 506 91 171 42 1 20 90 .338 .426 .543

Now let's look as his comparables by age

Carlton Fisk, Carlton Fisk, Carlton Fisk - (HOF Catcher)


Year Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI Avg OBP SLG
2006 34 103 365 46 87 19 2 12 55 .238 .325 .400
2007 35 131 435 57 111 15 3 17 68 .255 .367 .421
2008 36 131 423 37 93 20 0 13 43 .220 .313 .359

Comparables by age from are Mike Stanley, Mike Lieberthal, and Mike Stanley - nice players yes, not exactly murderers row.

Now, by no means am I endorsing Jorge Posada for the Hall of Fame - Just stating that going into his contract year, his numbers were far superior. I understand you pay so much for intagibles and club house presence - but to say that Jason has earned a 4 year deal @ 50 Mil. plus? Insane.

But again, I feel very strongly that this is not all Scott Boras's fault - I have been doing some research and it seems the government has been taking steps to prevent future skull fuckings like the one Mr. Boras has certainly received. Check out the video below regarding the Occular Penetration Restriction Act of 2007.

I Need your help!

Okay - I need to come clean.

I am an idiot.

I thought I was being saavy and wrote a post up yesterday thinking I would put it up tonight, saving me the time from writing. The post is below regarding the 2008 Topps Series 2 packs. My thought was that when I hit publish, it would bump to the top.


Also, when I go to edit my posts, I see a link that says scheduled posts. So I figure, oh, I will just go schedule this post, then remove it from where it presently,


I do not know how to do these things, and for about a half hour or so now, I dont think I have gotten any closer to doing so. Are there ways for me to do this? I am normally busy on weekends so I want to have posts set to go up for the 7 of you who actually look at this. If you can be of any assistance please shoot me a line or leave a comment. I really do apprecaite it.

P.S. - I am jealous of all of you with cool title graphics/headers -Is there an easy program to use to create one, or is anyone out there will to trade their time and abilities for some free swag? Again, please let me know!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

And You Thought you Knew All the Stories about the World Series

The wonderful website The Onion has posted a heartwarming tale about the impact the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies has had a young boy and his teacher, it's a must read.

To see how Cory Matthews and Mr. Feeny have used this victory to finally come together, click here.

What a beautiful tale.

Rest In Peace Shawn

Trade With Adam @ Thoughts and Sox

So, I just put together a package for Adam @ ThoughtsandSox and like an asshole - sealed it up to go out in the mail before I can let everyone know what he's getting. Let's see what I can remember.

08 Alan and Ginter Minis of

Dustin Pedroia
Mike Lowell

A great ancedote about Dustin Pedroia and his soon to be legenday shit talking expertise taken from

"Oh my God. I’m telling you…this kid every game when we were facing a pretty good pitcher from Wichita State or Duke or something he’d lead off the game and hit a line drive and come running past the pitcher yelling ‘you better get used to it…I’m going to be hitting rockets off you all day.’ Then he hits a home run against [Mike] Pelfrey and he yells to him ’97 mph coming in and 197 mph going out’ as he’s rounding the bases. He’d just be chirping the whole game."

A few Topps heritage base cards and a Dice-k Chrome #d 1959

An 07' Ud Artifacts Jason Veritek Jersey Card

And Finally a bunch of random Sox cards per his request - we have a Schilling rookie, 07 Bobby Doer UD Masterpieces framed card, and a few Papi/ellsbury/Bucholz cards... hope you enjoy them Adam!

2008 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

So I bit the bullet - I've never spent $20 on a pack of cards before - But I thought this would be a fun rip - I dont really do the high end stuff, just because I can't really afford it - but since I had not seen this ripped on any other blogs yet, figured I would give it a go.

#135 Jeff Niemann RC # 449/999

#2 Tim Lincecum Ast Day Pressing #70/599

#66 Carlos Beltran Photographer's Proof # 24/99

Jed Lowrie Rookie Proof Parallel Auto

This is the first redemption card that I have ever received - so I go to the site and log it in, and I should have it before 2/19/2009 - I guess Jed is a hard guy to get a hold of - This better be an on card auto or I will be slightly miffed.

#58 Jose Reyes - nothing special aobut this one - just a plain ole base card - but it's a Met so I am happy.

Now, I don't think that I will rip any more of this stuff, but it was fun and I will probably search some of it out by trade, or build the base set with commons from e-bay and such.