Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Think I'm Done - yeah I'm done

I started this blog a little more than a year ago, just before Halloween, actually looking back, it was on Halloween. I've had a great time, I've loved reading all of the blogs, I've loved trading, loved the stories and the friendship - the kind words and the inspiration.

Just don't think I'm really all that into it anymore. Now who knows - maybe in a few months I'll be inspired again. I think I am still going to collect, but its going to slow down quite a bit. I made a humbling trip through the bill drawer this weekend, and really, its getting hard for my justify even $20 a week on this hobby when I still have a lot of bad decisions from college to make up for.

I've got a few posts that are in the queue - they'll pump it out for a few more days and then I'm out. If I get inspired, or greedy I may throw a want list up here or there, but I really don't think that will be happining any time soon.

Thanks for the inspiration Dayf, Chris, Ben, and Steve From WSC

Thanks for the constant reminders of what great blogging is Night Owl

Thanks for the new voices and the fun Beardy, Troll, Travis @ PRP

I'll still be reading, lingering in the comments of all of you, and like I said, hopefully sometime sooner or later - I'll be able to rededicate myself to this hobby. Maybe I did too much to soon and burnt myself out. I'm not going to do a crazy card purge or anything, just put them all in the closet for the time being and hope that I find that I miss it too much, and am able to rediscover my collection again.

I hope that you were all able to get something out of reading this and that in some way some time I was able to make you laugh or kill 5 minutes of work. It was a pleasure writing this for this last year and I thank you for all the comments and hits (over 1k a month, not so bad).

For now I'm going to enjoy being responsible, taking care of myself and my wife, learning a few sweet riffs, and reading all of those books that I've been meaning to. The blog will remain up for posterity and maybe be revisited from time to time.

Thanks everyone...It's been fun.

Take it easy now

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Last of the Goodwins (Until Next Week)

And onto the last pack -

First off a few cards I can do without - neither of these really grab me as cards that should be in this set - Samaradiza (I'm not going to check how to really spell it) pretty much blows and if you are going to use a champion basketball player - where is Bird, or David Robinson - Beasley - meh.

This card has already been discussed at length on other blogs. It's a fuckin' sweet card. Thats all the analysis you will be getting from me!
Now this is a neat if not very Ginter-like subset - the citizens of the day w/ Mr Cap Anson. I was hoping that the back would tell some wonderful tales of civic duty but it just says he was a good hitter. I no longer thing that this is neat.

Mini Snore

Monday, September 28, 2009

Goodwins Hobby 3 out of 4

So this was my favorite pack of the 4 that I got - I really do like the legends cards that are put in.

Here we have Carlton Fisk and Nick Markakis -

The original "Pudge" I remember that he was one of my favorite players as a kid when I was partial to the White Sox as my AL team. I also remember just waiting for Ron Karkovice to carry on the legacy - I guess we can't win them all. I really like seeing Fisk in Red Sox gear as due to my age, I really do remember him as a White Sock.

Nick Markakis - I've got a feeling that this guy has a Mattingley-esque career in front of him - where he will always be good, occasionally great, but never really be the guy and never hit those HOF numbers - hopefully I am wrong, because I do enjoy watching him play - I just dont see that next level from him.

Next up we have Curtis Granderson and Ryne Sandberg -

Now Ryno has a world class moustache here - Thats really the most noticeable aspect of this card - I hope i get a double at some point to send this out for an auto - I know its a darker card so probably won't come out great if at all - but I still want what I want.
Curtis is a nice player - not the savior of a franchise though.

Peggy Flemming - I'd much prefer this to be Peggy Bundy

For the record - she is great in Sons of Anarchy and still looking pretty hot.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodwins Champions Pack 2 of 4

So I decided that I do like this set very much - I will be getting a hobby box in a few weeks although I do not have the money. My wife wants jewelry, I want cardboard - we all have our vices.

I've decided that I will never acknowlege the UD 20th century cards any longer - they all go into a pile that will one day be on its way to Rob VOTC - probably after my box is ripped - those cards are the definition of sucky.

Anyway, we've got Fausto Carmona and Miguel Cabrebra hanging out with us below. I am really excited to take a look at how this set looks in a binder all together - I really think it will pretty. I mean, I think it will look bad-ass and cool.

Now the minis - Got the normal Jordan - I'm wearing his underwear! No, I'm not, I wish I was Wayne Brady though - that would have to be fun at a bar. The Posada is the Gypsy Queen back - anytime I hear Sterling say "Jorge Juiced ONE! I cannot help thinking that Jorge just had sex with a very large woman - I should have never left college.

2 more packs on the way

Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009 UD Goodwin's Champions Pack Rip

Now there have been a few times where I mentioned how stoked I was for this product, unfortunately now that it is out - I'm way broke. I was able to grab a few packs which I will be showing off over the next few posts. I may be getting a box next week, we will see how the cash flows.

While I am not as impressed by these cards in person, I still really like them, they remind me of a bad blow j - it can't REALLY be bad - so thats what these are, not the best I've had, but you will never find me complaining.

Roy White and Todd Helton - Yesterday I mentioned about Pujols and the decade triple crown - for Helton to meet him in batting average he would have to go 30/60 in his next at bats and Pujols would have to go 10/60 - yeah - not happening - good on you though Todd

Now the minis - Bailey black border Gypsey Queen back - cool I guess and Ryan Ludwick

I'm just not a mini guy - don't really know why - I am going to eventually collect the whole set of this that is normal size - no interest in the minis - that makes the minis available for any of you who are working on them - let me know

Thats that - more tomorrow

Friday, September 25, 2009

A 2nd Retail Pack Of UD Icons

Here is the last pack of 2009 UD Icons that I will probably ever be purchasing - making this almost an important mile stone in my life, but not at all really. In this pack we have a lot people who are better at baseball than I am (better than you too probably).

Roy Oswalt - Dude got a bulldozer as part of his contract - thats a manly fucking gift. Speaking of manly - anyone here see the newest Rambo that came out a few years ago? the first 20 minutes is him just doing to manliest shit you've ever seen. Catching snakes barehanded, fishing with a bow and arrow, blacksmithing, I bet the dude just builds traintracks for leisure.

Maggio Ordonez - I would kill for this haircut for just one week. Or one of his paychecks

Jon Lester - the reason you cannot read this card is that its all extra chromey/shiny - is this an insert or parallel? There are no other markings or indications that this is anything special - but I think it just might be.

John Lackey - Memo to NY Mets - Please do not sign an injury prone ace. Ie... John Lackey

The best hitter in the American League, Ichiro.

Speaking of best hitters - did anyone else see the article on ESPN showing that Pujols is about to win the decade triple crown? Yeah, first guy since TED WILLIAMS! We truly are blessed to be able to witness what he is doing. Don't take it for granted.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Retail Pack of 2009 Icons

So when I purchased those 2 packs of X, I also grabbed 2 packs of Icons... and there is just something missing. I know from reading the other blogs that the football cards have the portrait and other little additional features, but I thought those were a little too busy - So I guess if I dont have a solution, I cannot complain about the problem, what do you all think? I think the set is close to being a nice looking throwaway set, but what do you think could be done to improve it working off what is already there?

The Wanger - That is a face only a mother could love - I get it - action shots exertion etc... but man he looks like he just watched 2 Girls 1 Cup

Jake Peavy - If the Sox don't make a run next year - this could end up being a big bust - dude needs to get back on the mound and give them at least 180 innings

Matt Holliday - Love the colors on this card - easily my favorite in the pack. It's nice to see him really stroke it again now that he is a Cardinal - maybe the AL just wasnt for him.

Hanley Ramirez - he's pretty good.

Carlos Beltran - Nice to get a Met - especially one who was having a really nice year before the injury bug hit him too - although I wish he wasn't playing now, as I want him good to go next year - it's nice to see that he was really working hard to get back on the field - gotta love a gamer.

So this set is okay - like X if I ever see a cheap full set on the bay, I might grab it, but really nothing I NEED to have here. As always - anything you want is your except Carlos - he's in the Mets box now.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Pack of 2009 UDX Retail

So yeah, I grabbed 2 packs of these - I know what they are and cannot really stand by my decision - if I saw a cheap set put together I might pick it up just to have the set, but really - meh - trade bait and team fodder really.

Miguel Cabrera - Even with the train wreck that is Dontrelle Willis these days, so far Detroit has totally raped on that deal that got Miggy on board.

Prince Fielder die Cut - Favorite non Mets players - Prince and Chase Utley - I know, I'm a bad Mets fan - throw Chad Billingsley in there too.

Dice K - I wasted 6 million bucks on you in March - dickhole

Paul Konerko - I find it hard not to root for this dude - Just seems like he's always there. Thats an underrated feature of a player being noted by many Mets fans this year.

Chase Utley X-Ponential - Chase and Big Prince in 1 pack - I'm pleased

Josh Hamilton - I wish he still did drugs, then I'd really be impressed

So that is that - nothing really too great about this set - I guess it has a few pluses, but really not enough to consider this for anything more than a random Target pickup

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, after more than a month away I bring you...

A retail pack of 2009 Upper Deck X...

But first an explanation of my absence.

I'm not sure I care anymore - Lately, I have just found myself wanting to play the guitar, go on walks, read, really do anything but this - I've bought a few packs here and there - but my motivation is waning - I may get re inspired and post regularly, or I may just use this as a glorified want list/ trading page - we will see. More on that as I know it.

Onto the cards

King Felix - Can you image this dudes numbers if he were on a good team, or Jesus, the National League? Unreal

Derek Holland - He's had his struggles this year, but he won't be 23 until October 9 - so there is still plenty of time to get it together - the Rangers have a real nice set of young arms and bats - they may be contenders for years to come if they keep making the right moves.

Francisco Rodriguez - I think I hate him. Really - He's just not that great and you don't realize it unless you watch him everyday - maybe the Mets just suck so bad I'm clouded

Jimmy Rollins die cut - Yup, it's shaped an X - fucking incredible.

Carlos Zambrano X-Potential - I always kinda dug these cards last year - really the best thing that this set has to offer - That said, there have been a lot of Mets/Cubs rumors lately involving some bad contracts ala Luis Castillo/Oliver Perez and Zambrano/Bradley - let's hope that we don't match up anywhere - I'd rather lose with the assholes I've grown to love - not the ones who may be better players that I already hate.

Carlos Quentin - I really wonder if he's got it. I would like to see what he can do playing 150 games - how do you White Sox fans feel about him? Do you feel he's the answer to the middle of the lineup or is he more a 25 Hr guy, not the big time masher of 2008?

Well, that wasn't so bad, getting my feet back in the water a little bit - for, blogging is a go. Anything here is available if you want it except K Rod - on his way to the Mets box.
Music - Strokes - 12:51

Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 Cent Bin - The Rookies

This is the last of the posts of what I was able to acquire after a few hours looking through commons boxes - Some nice rookies!

1989 Topps Gary Sheffield - Sure he's a surly dick, but he's a dick who can knock the cock of the ball - Hall Of Fame? A case could be made - gotta love the Gold Fronts.

1992 Topps Chipper Jones - I didn't pick this one up for Manny Alexander, thats for sure - this like the Sheffield is a card I have many of, but for 10 cents, why not? Chipper is first ballot HOF no doubt.

2009 Allan and ginter BobbyParnell - Yeah he sucks, but this is pretty

2001 Topps Grady Sizemore - If you were to ask someone this year who would be the biggest prospect, I'm not sure who they would have said - but I dont know if anyone would have predicted that one day Grady Sizemore would be the face of his franchise - If this dude would just learn how to hit .290 - he could be a perennial All Star
2001 Topps Adrian Gonzalez - I remember a bit of hype of this guy when he was Texas and is now tearing up the league with the piss poor Padres. One could argue although he is not as good a player that he might have higher trade value than Albert Pujols due to his contract being so affordable.
2001 Topps Roy Oswalt - Grabbed this one at first to look and the failure that is Pat Strange, but then noticed Mr. Oswalt hanging out on the left -gotta love a guy who has a bulldozer as part of his contract demands. He's a pretty damn good pitcher too.
2003 Topps Mark Teixeira - This fucker is nasty. Thats really all there is to say. Hank Blalock is not so bad either.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tales From the 10 Cent Bin - Rockers

Now I have no idea what set these are from - well I guess I do - it seems now that I look that they are a part of 2008 Football Heroes - that would make these the first "football" cards I have bought since I had pubes - sweet I guess.

Anyway - I'm not really a fan of any of the bands these dudes play for, but I just thought they were too cool to not get for a dime a piece - I will post the write up for each dude below.

Toni Iommi - Black Sabbath

Widely regarded as the creator of the heavy metal genre. Toni Iommi co-founded Black Sabbath in 1969 along with schoolmates Terry "Geezer" Butler, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osbourne. Iommi's gloomy, thunderous, guitar riffs combined with Osbourne's haunting vocals drove the quartet to international superstardom and paved the way for countless hard-rock acts to follow.

Steve Vai -

Like jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen before him, Vai is not only one of rock guitar's all-time great virtuosos, but one of the genre's most influential innovators. His Unique signature style fuses jazz, classical, and rock influences into an incendiary mix that has inspired countless guitarists and made him one of the most celebrated musicians of all time.

Justin Hayward - Moody blues

As the voice, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter behind classic rock's legendary The Moody blues, Hayward led the British supergroup to stardom in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s with a string of hit singles. Hayward's multi-textural compositions on such classics as Tuesday Afternoon, Your Wildest Dreams, and the bands signature classic Nights in White Satin helped the Mood Blues sell over 60 million albums worldwide.

Tom Morello - Rage Against the Machine

Morrelo's unique style and radical politics have made him of the most original and innovative guitarists in rock. In Rage Against the Machine, he fused hard rock and hip hop, and in Audioslave he continued pushing the boundaries of the guitar. Morello currently performs firebrand folk music as "The nighwatchman".

These were pretty cool - I might need to grab the whole set.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tales From the 10 Cent Bin

As some of you already know - Robin Ventura is my favorite player. Ever. I know he had a short lifetime as a Met, but I always like him when he was with the Sox, and was the first Yankee I actively rooted for. While helping my buddy Joe root through commons boxes to help finish out some sets - I made sure to pull at least a few cards aside for myself - this is part 1 of a 3 part series - And off we go with all the Robin Ventura cards I could find.

Below we have

88 Topps Traded
2 89 Toppps
91 Toppps
2 92 Toppps
93 Topps
03 Topps
03 Topps Traded

99 Topps
98 Bowman
95 Studio
2 96 Toppps

Of all of these, my favorite are the 88 Topps Traded, and the 96 Topps - These are pretty sweet and I'm happy to add any Robins to my collection - if anyone out there has any that they are not attached to, then I am your man! Tomorrow will be some rock and rollers.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1992 Upper Deck CHallenge - Who Are They?

So since there is nothing inherently exciting about ripping a pack of 1992 upper Deck High numbers I thought it would be fun to play a little game - there is no prize, but this will be good way to kill 5 minutes - I promise

So what i did is I went ahead and scanned each card missing something - the players names - so what I want you to do is too look thought and see if you can figure out who they all are! Just leave it in the comments - an no peeking - lets see what you ya'll can do on your own - I'll give the winner a little love and who knows, maybe I will throw something together for them - I didnt get enough sleep last night to be able to determine it all this morning.

Some will be very easy

Others - not so much -

So let's see what you've got!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

09 Chrome Pack 2 (W/Hit)

So here we are with my 2nd pack ever of Topps Chrome - this of the 2009 Variety

Joakim Soria - he's good - love the power blue unis - they don't translate well in chrome though I don't think

Adam Dunn - I've grown to like him this year thanks to owning him in a fantasy league for the first time ever. He hits it far a lot.

Mariano River - I hate that he is the best ever - and with only one pitch which makes it way more impressive

And we have the hit - a Will Venable Auto Refractor 334/499 - I don't know much about this dude except that he is one of the Padres top prospects - he's got a sweet sig too -

All in all pretty happy with my 2 packs - might be inclined to pick up a few more someday if I've got some extra dough - wish it was more than 4 cards a pack though.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Addition to Autograph Collection

Recently while I was a cripple mess Ike Davis - Mets 1st round pick in the 08 draft did a signing at the local card shop - LJ (owner/pusher) was kind enough to have Ike sign a photo for me in my absence - I think it's a nice shot and I'm stoked to get a frame for it some day (I'm way too lazy to assume it will be anyday soon) and hang this duder up - Just thought I would share!

Brad Holt was supposed to be there to but didnt show up with some BS excuse apparently - rumor has it he is not very fan friendly - your nobody yet Brad - let's not get too big for your own britches yet.

09 Topps Chrome Pack Rip

Yesterday I swing by my card shop to grab a few random packs - the only 09 stuff he had that was 1)in my price range and 2) something I had not ripped before were Chrome and Icons.

Now he had the hobby Icons - which was $11 bucks - no thanks, if I get the urge, I'll go retail - so I grabbed me 2 packs of Chrome and went on my way - these are the first 2 packs of this product from any year that I have ever ripped - this pack was okay - but I was able to pull a hit out of the 2nd pack which should be up in a day or 2. From worst to first - here we go

Nick Swisher - I hate this card - hated it in the Topps base set - hate it now too - this is not a card that will be staying in my collection very long.

Walter Silva RC - This was the dude they signed after the WBC - turns out he sucks - but since it is a rookie he beats out Swisher for worst of the pack
Vladimir Guerrero - a legitimate superstar but who really cares? He's not the player he was, and is just one slide away from losing his career.

Joe Nathan Pink 16/25 - Finally the hit of the pack - my wife liked it - I do too I guess - trade bait most likely though.

The next pack will be better - I promise