Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009 UD Goodwin's Champions Pack Rip

Now there have been a few times where I mentioned how stoked I was for this product, unfortunately now that it is out - I'm way broke. I was able to grab a few packs which I will be showing off over the next few posts. I may be getting a box next week, we will see how the cash flows.

While I am not as impressed by these cards in person, I still really like them, they remind me of a bad blow j - it can't REALLY be bad - so thats what these are, not the best I've had, but you will never find me complaining.

Roy White and Todd Helton - Yesterday I mentioned about Pujols and the decade triple crown - for Helton to meet him in batting average he would have to go 30/60 in his next at bats and Pujols would have to go 10/60 - yeah - not happening - good on you though Todd

Now the minis - Bailey black border Gypsey Queen back - cool I guess and Ryan Ludwick

I'm just not a mini guy - don't really know why - I am going to eventually collect the whole set of this that is normal size - no interest in the minis - that makes the minis available for any of you who are working on them - let me know

Thats that - more tomorrow


JD's Daddy said...

Hey there,

Glad you are looking to go for the set. So am I and I am sure that I will gather many dups in the process, so if you want to work to help each other out that is great.

This is actually one set where I would like to attempt the unthinkable and try to collect the minis. I am thrilled that my shop now carries the mini binder pages, so it will make this much easier.

Please save them for me if you can!

dinged corners said...

Agree that it's not quite as gorgeous in person as it is in scans online. But it's still kind of gorgeous.