Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, after more than a month away I bring you...

A retail pack of 2009 Upper Deck X...

But first an explanation of my absence.

I'm not sure I care anymore - Lately, I have just found myself wanting to play the guitar, go on walks, read, really do anything but this - I've bought a few packs here and there - but my motivation is waning - I may get re inspired and post regularly, or I may just use this as a glorified want list/ trading page - we will see. More on that as I know it.

Onto the cards

King Felix - Can you image this dudes numbers if he were on a good team, or Jesus, the National League? Unreal

Derek Holland - He's had his struggles this year, but he won't be 23 until October 9 - so there is still plenty of time to get it together - the Rangers have a real nice set of young arms and bats - they may be contenders for years to come if they keep making the right moves.

Francisco Rodriguez - I think I hate him. Really - He's just not that great and you don't realize it unless you watch him everyday - maybe the Mets just suck so bad I'm clouded

Jimmy Rollins die cut - Yup, it's shaped an X - fucking incredible.

Carlos Zambrano X-Potential - I always kinda dug these cards last year - really the best thing that this set has to offer - That said, there have been a lot of Mets/Cubs rumors lately involving some bad contracts ala Luis Castillo/Oliver Perez and Zambrano/Bradley - let's hope that we don't match up anywhere - I'd rather lose with the assholes I've grown to love - not the ones who may be better players that I already hate.

Carlos Quentin - I really wonder if he's got it. I would like to see what he can do playing 150 games - how do you White Sox fans feel about him? Do you feel he's the answer to the middle of the lineup or is he more a 25 Hr guy, not the big time masher of 2008?

Well, that wasn't so bad, getting my feet back in the water a little bit - for, blogging is a go. Anything here is available if you want it except K Rod - on his way to the Mets box.
Music - Strokes - 12:51


JD's Daddy said...

Hey there,

I collect phenoms.

would you be willing to send me King Felix? What would you like in return?

Collective Troll said...

Always a pleasure to hear from ya! Glad your doing well and finding better ways to spend your time. Just promise if another drunken game of softball happens and you have a camera, you post the pics!

Sharpe said...

What kind of guitar/music do you play? I dabble myself and find myself splitting time between that and collecting and posting.

White Sox Cards said...

I'd love to see what Quentin can actually do when completely healthy. I have a feeling that many White Sox players from this year's team will be up for Comeback Player of the Year next year, regardless if they are still with the team in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a trade that would send Felix & Ichiro to the Cubs for Bradley, Soriano, Harden, Sean Marshall, Jeff Samardjidhgjbva, & a couple minor leaguers.