Friday, September 25, 2009

A 2nd Retail Pack Of UD Icons

Here is the last pack of 2009 UD Icons that I will probably ever be purchasing - making this almost an important mile stone in my life, but not at all really. In this pack we have a lot people who are better at baseball than I am (better than you too probably).

Roy Oswalt - Dude got a bulldozer as part of his contract - thats a manly fucking gift. Speaking of manly - anyone here see the newest Rambo that came out a few years ago? the first 20 minutes is him just doing to manliest shit you've ever seen. Catching snakes barehanded, fishing with a bow and arrow, blacksmithing, I bet the dude just builds traintracks for leisure.

Maggio Ordonez - I would kill for this haircut for just one week. Or one of his paychecks

Jon Lester - the reason you cannot read this card is that its all extra chromey/shiny - is this an insert or parallel? There are no other markings or indications that this is anything special - but I think it just might be.

John Lackey - Memo to NY Mets - Please do not sign an injury prone ace. Ie... John Lackey

The best hitter in the American League, Ichiro.

Speaking of best hitters - did anyone else see the article on ESPN showing that Pujols is about to win the decade triple crown? Yeah, first guy since TED WILLIAMS! We truly are blessed to be able to witness what he is doing. Don't take it for granted.

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McCann Can Triple said...

I'd love the Jon Lester, John Lackey, and Roy Oswalt as I am only a few cards away from a full set, sadly though I have nothing to offer in return. I would pay a a quarter a card though.. plus shipping. Or even more than that if you wish.

Oh, and if you wish to respond I likely will not be on for a few days, but my e-mail is if you want to get in contact