Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Last of the Goodwins (Until Next Week)

And onto the last pack -

First off a few cards I can do without - neither of these really grab me as cards that should be in this set - Samaradiza (I'm not going to check how to really spell it) pretty much blows and if you are going to use a champion basketball player - where is Bird, or David Robinson - Beasley - meh.

This card has already been discussed at length on other blogs. It's a fuckin' sweet card. Thats all the analysis you will be getting from me!
Now this is a neat if not very Ginter-like subset - the citizens of the day w/ Mr Cap Anson. I was hoping that the back would tell some wonderful tales of civic duty but it just says he was a good hitter. I no longer thing that this is neat.

Mini Snore

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