Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Retail Pack of 2009 Icons

So when I purchased those 2 packs of X, I also grabbed 2 packs of Icons... and there is just something missing. I know from reading the other blogs that the football cards have the portrait and other little additional features, but I thought those were a little too busy - So I guess if I dont have a solution, I cannot complain about the problem, what do you all think? I think the set is close to being a nice looking throwaway set, but what do you think could be done to improve it working off what is already there?

The Wanger - That is a face only a mother could love - I get it - action shots exertion etc... but man he looks like he just watched 2 Girls 1 Cup

Jake Peavy - If the Sox don't make a run next year - this could end up being a big bust - dude needs to get back on the mound and give them at least 180 innings

Matt Holliday - Love the colors on this card - easily my favorite in the pack. It's nice to see him really stroke it again now that he is a Cardinal - maybe the AL just wasnt for him.

Hanley Ramirez - he's pretty good.

Carlos Beltran - Nice to get a Met - especially one who was having a really nice year before the injury bug hit him too - although I wish he wasn't playing now, as I want him good to go next year - it's nice to see that he was really working hard to get back on the field - gotta love a gamer.

So this set is okay - like X if I ever see a cheap full set on the bay, I might grab it, but really nothing I NEED to have here. As always - anything you want is your except Carlos - he's in the Mets box now.

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night owl said...

I think it's missing the portrait in the background like the football Icons. I'm not a fan of busy cards either, but I don't think the football Icons are busy. I think they look pretty fine.