Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Pack of 2009 UDX Retail

So yeah, I grabbed 2 packs of these - I know what they are and cannot really stand by my decision - if I saw a cheap set put together I might pick it up just to have the set, but really - meh - trade bait and team fodder really.

Miguel Cabrera - Even with the train wreck that is Dontrelle Willis these days, so far Detroit has totally raped on that deal that got Miggy on board.

Prince Fielder die Cut - Favorite non Mets players - Prince and Chase Utley - I know, I'm a bad Mets fan - throw Chad Billingsley in there too.

Dice K - I wasted 6 million bucks on you in March - dickhole

Paul Konerko - I find it hard not to root for this dude - Just seems like he's always there. Thats an underrated feature of a player being noted by many Mets fans this year.

Chase Utley X-Ponential - Chase and Big Prince in 1 pack - I'm pleased

Josh Hamilton - I wish he still did drugs, then I'd really be impressed

So that is that - nothing really too great about this set - I guess it has a few pluses, but really not enough to consider this for anything more than a random Target pickup

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