Saturday, August 22, 2009

09 Chrome Pack 2 (W/Hit)

So here we are with my 2nd pack ever of Topps Chrome - this of the 2009 Variety

Joakim Soria - he's good - love the power blue unis - they don't translate well in chrome though I don't think

Adam Dunn - I've grown to like him this year thanks to owning him in a fantasy league for the first time ever. He hits it far a lot.

Mariano River - I hate that he is the best ever - and with only one pitch which makes it way more impressive

And we have the hit - a Will Venable Auto Refractor 334/499 - I don't know much about this dude except that he is one of the Padres top prospects - he's got a sweet sig too -

All in all pretty happy with my 2 packs - might be inclined to pick up a few more someday if I've got some extra dough - wish it was more than 4 cards a pack though.


packaddict said...

Very nice hit. How much do hobby chrome packs go for? I wish I could buy more hobby packs but always blow my money on retail at the supermarket.

Collective Troll said...

Dude, that is so so awesome! I have ripped 1 auto in 2009 and its long gone in trade and I have ripped over 400 packs this year. You, my friend, rock out loud! Those are great odds and a great pull! Congrats!