Monday, August 3, 2009

Pack Break - 1988 Fleer - Pretty sweet pack

Reaching back into the repack case for a break of 1988 Fleer. I know that this set is ugly - but I love it - I can't explain why - but when I reached into the repack case (I had forgotten what packs were in there) and saw this I was very happy - and really, I can't imagine a much better players being pulled from any pack in 1988 - this one really was (is?) star studded

First of course - the sticker - I should put this on my lunch box

Get ready to see a star at every turn folks

Mike Maddux
Greg Gagne
Don Mattingly Headliners

the Mattingly was the first Headliner card from this set that I had ever pulled or owned - that was exciting on its own - so now in the first 3 cards we have a perennial All Star that all Yankee fans think is a HOFer - not really quite there, but a very nice player and card nonetheless

Tried and True Sluggers - Mike Schmidt and Gary Carter
Barry Larkin
Joe Carter

ok, 3 cards, 2 Hall of Famers , one of the 10 best shortstops of all time, and a feared slugger with a World Series walk off homer - not too shabby

Andre Dawson
Fred Manrique
Dave Meads

I think Andre is HOF bound next year - just a hunch

Dave Valle
Tom Glavine
Rob Deer

A nice everyday catcher - an all or nothing slugger - and a future first ballot HOF - again - not bad

Carlos Martinez
Kirk Gibson
Eddie Milner

its not too bad when out of every three cards pulled that the worst "best" card is of Kirk Gibson who was a great slugger in his era

See what I mean? Really from a pack from this era - this really was a great pack - I would have been thrilled to rip this when I was 7.


MattR said...

Nice pack--lots of HOF and future HOF players.

night owl said...

I have never seen those Headliners cards before. I wasn't collecting in '88.

Anonymous said...

I was at a flea market in '07 looking for baseball cards and came across someone selling that Glavine RC for $30! To say that flea market was caught in a time warp is an understatement, but there you go, you got a $30 card! ;-)

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

That's probably the best pack of '88 Fleer I've ever seen. The Glavine rookie is the best card in the set and I've never seen one of those Headliner cards until now. Very nice.