Friday, August 21, 2009

09 Topps Chrome Pack Rip

Yesterday I swing by my card shop to grab a few random packs - the only 09 stuff he had that was 1)in my price range and 2) something I had not ripped before were Chrome and Icons.

Now he had the hobby Icons - which was $11 bucks - no thanks, if I get the urge, I'll go retail - so I grabbed me 2 packs of Chrome and went on my way - these are the first 2 packs of this product from any year that I have ever ripped - this pack was okay - but I was able to pull a hit out of the 2nd pack which should be up in a day or 2. From worst to first - here we go

Nick Swisher - I hate this card - hated it in the Topps base set - hate it now too - this is not a card that will be staying in my collection very long.

Walter Silva RC - This was the dude they signed after the WBC - turns out he sucks - but since it is a rookie he beats out Swisher for worst of the pack
Vladimir Guerrero - a legitimate superstar but who really cares? He's not the player he was, and is just one slide away from losing his career.

Joe Nathan Pink 16/25 - Finally the hit of the pack - my wife liked it - I do too I guess - trade bait most likely though.

The next pack will be better - I promise


Slette said...

Let me see if I can find something Mets that's trade-worthy of that Nathan... I have a handful of A&G minis already put aside for ya.

JD's Daddy said...

Hey, do you have the card number on that Silva RC? I am throwing together the set and this one does not look familiar...

steveisjewish said...

The card number on Mr Silva is 211 - i'll pull him aside for you if you need it!