Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 Cent Bin - The Rookies

This is the last of the posts of what I was able to acquire after a few hours looking through commons boxes - Some nice rookies!

1989 Topps Gary Sheffield - Sure he's a surly dick, but he's a dick who can knock the cock of the ball - Hall Of Fame? A case could be made - gotta love the Gold Fronts.

1992 Topps Chipper Jones - I didn't pick this one up for Manny Alexander, thats for sure - this like the Sheffield is a card I have many of, but for 10 cents, why not? Chipper is first ballot HOF no doubt.

2009 Allan and ginter BobbyParnell - Yeah he sucks, but this is pretty

2001 Topps Grady Sizemore - If you were to ask someone this year who would be the biggest prospect, I'm not sure who they would have said - but I dont know if anyone would have predicted that one day Grady Sizemore would be the face of his franchise - If this dude would just learn how to hit .290 - he could be a perennial All Star
2001 Topps Adrian Gonzalez - I remember a bit of hype of this guy when he was Texas and is now tearing up the league with the piss poor Padres. One could argue although he is not as good a player that he might have higher trade value than Albert Pujols due to his contract being so affordable.
2001 Topps Roy Oswalt - Grabbed this one at first to look and the failure that is Pat Strange, but then noticed Mr. Oswalt hanging out on the left -gotta love a guy who has a bulldozer as part of his contract demands. He's a pretty damn good pitcher too.
2003 Topps Mark Teixeira - This fucker is nasty. Thats really all there is to say. Hank Blalock is not so bad either.

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Drew said...

You really cleaned up with those rookies! Nice job!