Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He Certainly is Average- Take My Word For It

So a few weeks ago - yes weeks - James Fuller of The Average Joe made good of his promise to help fill out some of my want lists - here are the spoils (if you can call these cards spoils - I'd like to think that I love All cards equally, but, I dont)

First we have 3 2008 Topps Series 2 cards - Brian Bass, JJ PUTZ (pronounced as in "he's a fuckin' Putz who is hurt all the time and cannot throw strikes), and Randy Winn - one laziness subsides - these will find their way into their respective pages - please if you have a moment - check out my 2008 Topps want lists because I am very very close t finishing those dudes out! Thanks!

We have some 1989 Donruss cards of Tommy Gregg and Keith Brown - They both suck!

Next up we have one of the ugliest sets ever, 1991 Fleer - they really did struggle in the early 90s didnt they? We have

Scott Bankhead
Bob Boone
Ken Oberkfell
Craig Wilson
Andy Van Slyke (ive always heard he's an asshole... is this true?
Ken Patterson
Beau Allred

Wow - I really meant to write more but its fucking hot up here - sorry kids - I'm far too obese for the upstairs w/o the AC these days

Some 92 UD - thanks dude!

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