Thursday, August 20, 2009

4/5 Of A Pack of 1986 Sportflics, Some Trivia, Some Art

So my man Bird came over a few weeks ago with a few random packs of cards to drink a few random cans of beer and play a few random songs on rock band - A good night if you ask me! Now bird is a very casual sports fan who really loves wrestling and beards. So - the reason this is only 4/5 of the pack is that Bruce Sutter went home with him. Bird is also an artist - you should check some of his shit out here (he also likes to do a lot of 80s wrestling and basketball stuff - there are a few classic Charles Barkley/Godzilla drawings. I'll scan a picture he did for me below - if you are in the NYC area keep an eye for his shows - hes a cool dude.
So here we go with the 2 cards left in the pack - on the right is Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd and on the left is actually three different people - Richard Dotson, Juaqin Andujar, and Doyle Alexander. All three of those dudes ad a very sexy 1984 season - Rich was 22-7, Juaqin 20-14, and Doyle 17-6.

Has anyone figures out a way to scan a sportflic so you get each image? I think it may be impossible.

Next up - we have the 2 trivia cards - I'll let you guys leave the answers in the comments - I won't even give what the choices are- let's see what you can do off the tips of your heads.
What player holds the record for most RBIs in one season?
What Current player (in 1985) shares the record for consecutive seasons leading the majors in runs scored? Who is he tied with?

And a random basketball player slam dunking a ton of tits. Enjoy!

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