Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tales From the 10 Cent Bin

As some of you already know - Robin Ventura is my favorite player. Ever. I know he had a short lifetime as a Met, but I always like him when he was with the Sox, and was the first Yankee I actively rooted for. While helping my buddy Joe root through commons boxes to help finish out some sets - I made sure to pull at least a few cards aside for myself - this is part 1 of a 3 part series - And off we go with all the Robin Ventura cards I could find.

Below we have

88 Topps Traded
2 89 Toppps
91 Toppps
2 92 Toppps
93 Topps
03 Topps
03 Topps Traded

99 Topps
98 Bowman
95 Studio
2 96 Toppps

Of all of these, my favorite are the 88 Topps Traded, and the 96 Topps - These are pretty sweet and I'm happy to add any Robins to my collection - if anyone out there has any that they are not attached to, then I am your man! Tomorrow will be some rock and rollers.

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