Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Pack 8

The one thing about set building is that it makes packs like this one fun - it's nice when David DeJesus can really serve a purpose for you is it not?

Glen Perkins
David DeJesus
Nick Markakis
Ozzie Guillen

Really, the Perkins and DeJesus cards are pretty boring - boring players looking bored. Wow! Markakis is at least a rising star and has a bitchin' beard and Guillen swears a lot when you can actually understand him.

Next up we have three pretty Young and somewhat exciting players.

Elvis Andrus
Asdrubal Cabrera
Jose Reyes

I think in looking at these players Jose Reyes is what Elvis Andrus dreams of being - an all time stolen base threat who is good with the glove - the one thing Jose has is more pop and a more dangerous all around game. Hopefully Jose can stay healthy for both the Mets and my Dynasty Team.

Wrapping things up is an SP of Carlos Gomez, the man partially responsible for bring Johan Santana to the Mets! So thank you Carlos for that. When he was dealt I was kinda sad to see him go as I had seen him play quite a bit while here in Binghamton and grown in to quite a fan - but when you can get the best pitcher in baseball - it makes it easy to say goodbye.

Something different tomorrow - see you then!


Matt said...

Best pitcher in baseball?? Roy Halladay wasn't traded for Carlos Gomez.

Phillies fans everywhere.

Anonymous said...

We miss CarGo now that he's left the Twins, too.