Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Upper Deck Box Break Pack 2

Here were on the pack 2 of the superior base product this year, Upper Deck!

I know all about the complaints that this is a "sideways" set, but so far I have not grown tired of looking at these cards at all. It's really like UD is broadcasting in HD while Topps is still going black and white.

No stars, but here are some of my favorites from this pack.

Kendry Morales
Neil Walker
Jose Lopez
Seth Smith

Angel Pagan - Looking forward to really seeing what we have while Beltran is hurt
Troy Tulowitzki

Chone Figgins
Jamie Moyer

I said in last UD post that the biography cards I think work really well as a "one a day" insert. It's able to capture the big moments from the season along with smaller stories you may have missed if you don't follow each team all year.

Finally we have a Nick Markakis Baseball heroes card. These cards are really nice I think and unlike like the biography cards (which # 200 I think) I hope to one day finish off this insert set - I think they will look pretty sweet in a page.

By the way, I have finally finished arranging and filing my collection - approx 25k cards all in number and set order - 3 months working on it - feels great to be done.


John Bateman said...

It looks like there will not a second wave of Upper Deck cards unless they are all head shot

John Bateman said...

It probably is not a coincidence but Topps scooped up USA Baseball exclusive today. Upper Deck is out of business for a while in Baseball

night owl said...

If all my HD TV did was show people facing sideways, I'd take it back to the shop.

But it looks like UD got itself in a heep of costly trouble with this set, and who knows what their cards are going to look like in the future.

gcrl said...

hey - congrats on being organized. i envy you!