Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Pack 1 (Hit)

So here we go - Normally I don't posts up back to back, but I will do a few here today since I don't see a lot of breaks out there just yet - let you all see how the cards are falling - Quick note - the packs from 2 boxes got mixed up, so if the other hit shows up soon, I didn't beat the odds on anything. Got the right amount of SPs and everything else, just threw all the packs in one place to make them easier to carry.

Garret Jones
Josh Johnson
Jason Varitek
J.J. Hardy

Of this group the only player I feel is really noteworthy is Josh Johnson - To think we are going to have to go against this guy 3-6 times a season is a tough proposition as he is already in the conversation for best starter in the NL East after Santana and Halliday.

Here are 2 rookie gold cups and an actual rookie. I think we all know that Tommy Hanson might already be in the same class as Josh Johnson - a dude who you do not want to see on the mound if you don't have an A on your hat. I got to watch him a few times on the extra innings package last year and it really was a treat to see him pitch.

We also have our 2nd photoshop job of the pack - Hardy was in his Twins uni and now we have Chris Getz in his Royal Blues - I think that Chris came over w/ Josh Fields in the Mark Teahan deal - is that right? Finally we have Boston rookie Dustin Richardson and the new rookie card logo - cool I guess.

Finally, we have our first hit of the 2 boxes - now I think we can all agree that the relic hits in the Heritage series are usually something along the lines of hot garbage covered in baby shit. Something no one really ever wants. Anyway, I was able to get an auto of Rocky Bridges. I don't know anything about this dude, just that he looked about the age of 63 in his playing days and this card is numbered 52/61.

There you go! More on the way today/tomorrow rest of your goddamn lives.


deal said...

Pretty nice hit - enjoy - Rocky is always a great name and the name just fits his look - Rocky Bridges

Roy said...

Almost as awesome as Rocky Cherry. With a name like that, you've gotta moonlight as a pornstar.

White Sox Cards said...

Great hit!