Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Pack 2

Away we go!

First up

Rafael Furcal
Gio Gonzalez
Curtis Granderson

Now Granderson was the first big trade of the offseason and I think Topps did a nice job of getting all of the big news in their new uniforms, but you can really tell that this one is shopped - of all of the times they did this that I noticed my first run through the packs, this was by far one of the worst.

Drew Stubbs
Paul Maholm
Casey Blake

Here we have a trio of players that you would like to have on your team, but don't really care either way about. Stubbs looks like he could turn into a 15-25 type guy and is the new Willy Tavarez in Cincy. Casey Blake has a very workmanlike beard. This I do appreciate.

Finally a couple of manager cards making their first appearance on the blog.

Jim Leyland
Dave Trembley

I cannot have any man named Jim cross my path without wanting to put the word "Hacksaw" in front of it.

Jim Leyland
"Hacksaw" Jim Leyland

See - it's totally cooler - not that JL needs help being cool - this man smokes like a chimney and I cannot wait to see him navigate his teams new no smoking on stadium property rule.

There we go - more coming!