Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hell Yeah Upper Deck

So after getting (finally) a good look at the 2010 Upper Deck over @ the Cardboard Junkie I am willing to put round one of the base set battles to Upper Deck. I will not steal Dayf's scans, I'm sure everyone looks there first anyway - so I will just say this -

1) UD has once again done what it always does well. Full bleed photo, clean, non-obtrusive design, focus is on the player and the photography once again is better than Topps - even while somewhat not showing any logos....sometimes?

- Note - I thought that being unlicensed would make the set lame - totally wrong - I wish I wasn't poor as shit until my next paycheck of I would be grabbing a box or two - maybe come tax time?

2) Inserts - I feel like a dickhole because I don't remember where I just saw these and have to go to work in a few minutes, so I am not going back to look - sorry sir! Anyway - I think for the most part we all agree that the inserts in the Topps base set this year are a snore - yeah some of the tales of the game are cool - but the design is like the English Patient - boring as shit. However, a die cut Joe Mauer engulfed by flames? Fuck yeah!

3) Lastly - with all the hullabaloo going around with the lawsuits and such - Topps is your wife - you love her and things are great - She has almost everything you look for in a woman - she's a classic, she's familiar, she has logos. Upper Deck is like your girlfriend - exciting, dangerous, a little more limber... I don't think that any of us are going to leave our "wives" (Topps) for our "girlfriends" (UD) but I know this is one guy who is going to be "working late this year" (ie...buying UD boxes and just grabbing a complete Topps set off the bay).

I'm sure by now you have all seen the scans, some probably have the cards in hand - what do you think? Will you be ignoring UD (again for a lot of you - seems that UD has not always been a really popular base set on the blogs) or will you say what the hell - I'll just put the tip in? Let me know!


night owl said...

The girlfriend needs to be hot for me to look at her. UD 2010 is not hot. It looks like every other UD set from the last decade, except now everyone is facing sideways.

The inserts do have potential, some might be cooler than some of the Topps inserts, but my guess is I'll be buying a few packs just to get an idea then ignoring it the rest of the year.

dayf said...



Anthony K. said...

C'mon, just the tip, just a little.

I don't buy packs and boxes, but I will buy the '10 UD base, inserts, gu, autos before the '10 Topps stuff, easy.

I think the base Topps set is fucking terrible.