Friday, February 5, 2010

Strike Anywhere/Blacklisted

So just putting this out there as a quick something before I have to clean a house, do laundry, and who knows what else will come up. Next Thursday the 11th I will be heading down Wilkes Barre PA to catch my first non Binghamton punk/hardcore show in a long time. I believe that Blacklisted is headlining (2nd video) my buddy is really into them, I think its okay.

I am going for Strike Anywhere - These guys I've been fans of since 2001 when I almost booked a show for them, but had to cancel when it would have been up against Hellfest (legendary hardcore metal show in Syracuse). As a promoter cancelling this show is my biggest regret seeing as I've grown to really love this band. Intelligent, often political punk rock with a definite catchy pop edge to it. check it out and if you dig it, check out the tour dates.

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Collective Troll said...

Change is a Sound is going on the record player RIGHT NOW! I love Strike Anywhere! I went on tour with them for a while... I have the bass drum head from that tour on the wall in my stairway. Thomas and I used to be close friends before he moved to Vermont and we lost touch. Have fun and tell Thomas that Sinkhole Marck Bacontowne said hey!