Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Pack 5

Moving right along -

Having now really spent time with this set I have to say I am really happy with it - Although you may not have seen all of the different inserts, other than the Ruth series - I think Topps nailed it with this set - beats the shit out of the abomination that is the Topps base set this year - I will be waiting for cheap series 1 and 2 purchase on Ebay - same with the updates - Topps will be getting me to get this set in whole this year though - so thank you for that.

Brandon Inge
Scott Kazmir
Mike Scioscia
Felix Hernandez

This is the first card that I have seen of Kazmir as an Angel. It's too bad the Mets traded him because of perceived makeup issues and a little bit of pot smoking. You trade Kazmir and keep Tony Tarrasco? God - for those of you who are not Mets fans 1) you are lucky - at least Pirate fans expect their team to suck 2) Screw you - Mets rules! I Think that the Mariners made a great deal in locking up King Felix long term - this kid is young and scary good.

John Lackey
Luke Hochevar
Yuniesky Betancourt
Matt LaPorta

Boston acquired their third ace in Lackey and here he is in what I think is the first card of him as a member of the Sox. Many pundits (see the fabulous would have you believe that Yuniesky Betancourt is the worse everyday player in baseball. I am not going to try to convince you otherwise. Matt LaPorta I think will have a nice season, and I think the fact that both Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez were traded takes a lot of pressure off the kid for having to be great immediately since he was the main haul in the Captain Cheeseburger deal.

You've seen many scans by now - what do you think of the set?


Anonymous said...

Love the cards with background such as Garrett Jones. Love the Granderson Yankee and Drew Stubbs roooooookie.

These cards give you that nostalgia feeling

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