Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Pack 6

Good Saturday! Today's prick brings you the first chrome card of the boxes.

Chris Gochlan
Derrek Lee
Chris Davis
Lance Berkman

A lot of power here - we have the reigning NL ROY in Coghlan - This was a guy who all last year you just kept waiting for him to come back to earth and just never did. Good for him though - hard to not to root for a kid who wasn't even on the 40 man and won the job in spring training. Derrek Lee came back to superstar level production last year with 35 HR and 111 RBI - really great numbers for a guy a lot of people had started writing off.

Chris Davis is the new Rob Deer - when he hits it - it goes VERY far - this dude has power that very few can rival - unfortunately he's slow in the field with hard hands and couldn't hit .300 in a video game. Finally, the Big Puma or Fat Elvis Lance Berkman - This is a guy I have always liked - just seems to go about the game in the right way with the right attitude - I have to think if he plays 4 or 5 more seasons with 25/100 production he will be a Hall of Famer.

Here we have the Cincy Sluggers Juan Francisco, Jay Bruce, and Joey Votto. I don't know too much about Francisco, but did watch him play some on the Caribbean World Series on MLB Network. Seems like a nice young bat. I think Joey Votto is going to take over this league in the next three years - I can see him perennially going .300/30/100/90 - thats a hell of a player.

Finally on the card is Jay Bruce - I hope all of the pundits are right in calling for a big year from him - I heavilly invested in Jay in my Dynasty League and he could very easily cost 3 points in a roto league if he doesnt hit at least .260.

Snore - Babe anyone?

Finally we have the first Chrome card from the box in the form of Mariano Rivera #'d 1673/1961. As a Mets fan I hate this guy - as a baseball fan - he is totally incredible - no doubt about it! Looking at his stats this is amazine - in 1090 career innings Mariano has only walked 256 people. When knowing that he is always pitching in high pressure situations this dude is always one cool cat. Good for him.

A pack of 2010 Upper Deck to switch things up tomorrow.

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