Monday, February 8, 2010

Hail Troll! Hail Troll!

I think by now each of us bloggers have had an experience with another blogger that really blew your mind as far as generosity is concerned. Whether it be rookie cards, autos, memorabilia, the giving level of this community (without asking much in return often) is by far above and beyond that of any other community I have ever been a part of.

When I returned recently, I made a mention in a post about Robin Ventura being my all time favorite player. Well our favorite bridge-dweller the Collective Troll told me that I had won a contest that nobody else even entered! Holy Shit! While his description of the prize was a bit vague - I thought I knew what was coming - "I may have a sweet spot auto of a former Mets third baseman I was going to use for a contest prize that you may have just won". Now - this could have been HoJo or Edgardo Alfonzo - 2 of my other favorite all time Mets - but I was really hoping for Robin.

I go to my mail on Saturday and I find this.

Robin Ventura sweet spot auto on official American League Baseball - looks like the ball was even practice used (small smudges of dirt) which I love that totally gives the ball more appeal to me! That means that maybe - just maybe - Robin actually did more than sign this ball, he may have actually played with it. Pretty fuckin' awesome if you ask me.

So Troll - I have you on the list for some major repayment as soon as I can come across some sweet Rays stuff to get you back. Or you can take any of the following

1) third born child
2) Topless photos of me eating pulled pork sandwiches
3) a ZJ (if you have to ask you can't handle it)

Let me know and thank you!


Collective Troll said...

Glad you dig it, I thought you might... The ball DOES have a history to it.It was signed during spring training in 1997 when Robin V was a member of the Southside Hitmen. Cheers!

Captain Canuck said...

dear gods man... pick the child!