Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 2 Box Break - Pack 4

Good Friday - Hope you are all faring well - Here in NY we've a shit ton of snow so I'm staying in again! By the end of this day I will be playing "Carry On My Wayward Son" on my guitar with much proficiency (I hope). But, before I get there, I do believe I promised you more Heritage!

You'll probably get another pack today, and 1 each Saturday and Sunday depending how long I want to sit here and scan - Anyway - onto the the dudes!

Daniel McCuthen RC

These Checklists are pretty nice I guess - and it must be nice to be a young player on a shitty team - sure you will lose a lot, but you really do get to go out there and learn the game, get your reps, and hopefully be ready to really succeed once you hit your prime years and free agency.

Willy Tavarez
Brandon Webb
Mike Jacobs
Howie Kendrick

I hate Willy Tavarez - I think most fantasy owners wish that he would just always bunt. If he bunted every time up, he would still probably only hit .212, but there is nothing more frustrating than a player like him popping out to the third baseman. Brandon Webb could be in for a big year after surgery and if so Arizona will have a sweet 1/2 after Dan Haren was named the opening day starter.

Mike Jacobs is back with the Mets now - funny story about him is while he was with Florida on Hebrew heritage night they gave away Mike Jacobs shirts - nothing really funny there - but Mike isn't Jewish - I remember him giving a very confused interview before the game not knowing why they chose him.
Carlos Delgado - Los gets his own scan due to his SPness - I kinda just said penis - good for me I guess.
Here is the back of the card, you will notice the SPs are lighter backed than the normal cards - just like Carlos's palms.
I hate these fucking Babe Ruth cards - anyone like these? I'll trade for other inserts or SPs (really I am just talking big here - if you hold out I'll trade for a french fry or Marvin Freeman RC)
See ya in a few hours.

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