Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1980 TMCA Hall of Famers Part 3

Only 8 more to go - But don't worry - I found another bunch of cards from a similar set from 1983 for next week.

Waite Hoyt - Pitcher - New York Yankess - Lifetime record 237-182 - After playing career was over he was an announcer for the Reds - HOF 1969

Charlie Grimm - 1B - Chicago Cubs - "Jolly Cholly" was a career .290 hitter in 20 seasons who went on to be a player/manager and then manager for 19 more seasons - When he died - his wife was granted permission to spread his ashes on Wrigley Field

Branch Rickey - Manager - St. Louis Browns - Will always be remembered for bringing Jackie Robinson to Major League Baseball - HOF 1967

Judge Landis - Commisioner - Commish of baseball for 24 years until he passed away in 1944 - elected to the HOF that year.

How awesome would it be to be able to get these cards autographed? I really think they would look sharp.

Last 4 cards tomorrow.


gritz76 said...

Yeah, it's just too bad all of them are probably way dead by now, and I've heard that dead people have a hard time signing their names.

That's cool to know that Charlie Grimm and I will have the same resting place. I'm not asking for permission though. What will they do, sweep me up and give me back?

Dean said...

A very good read. I enjoyed reading about these cards. These retro sets are fun to collect, but I did not know much about this particular one.