Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steve Summer 2k - Drunk Baseball

So back from 1999-2005 every Sunday afternoon me and my friends would get together and play a game of pickup baseball - we usually had about 25 people show up - so we had 5 outfielders and such, but we just wanted to play and have fun - one day a conversation about Micky Mantle got us thinking about how hard it would be to hit a baseball drunk.

My friend Andrew just found these photos of me that day - Just wanted to share. I'm looking pretty good to say the least.

It all starts innocently enough

This is probably many beers in - the shirt is off, the shorts are off, the cooler is... on?

Keeping my weight back - thats some good form

And just a sexy shot here. I wonder what happened to that hat?

Remember kids - Don't drink and (line) drive


Captain Canuck said...


gritz76 said...

The cooler looks way better than the Bad Religion hat! Good form though. I'm afraid to say it, especially after seeing the pictures, but your friends and my friends would get along great!

Collective Troll said...

dude, we need to hang out, seriously...