Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2007 Topps Opening Day Pack Rip

Reaching deep into the repack box to give you something other than youtube videos - I bring you a fresh hot pack of 2007 Topps Opening Day. Now is there anyone else out there who really prefers the white design to the black that was the base set from this year? Really, when I look at baseball cards in the winter - I want sunny, bright - a reminder of whats to come and not whats happening (remember I am in upstate NY here). I really feel this set would have been better received all around if they had swapped the Opening Day color for the Base color. The design still isn't great, but the white just looks better I think. What do you think?

Onto the cards...

There were 7 cards in the pack, I've broken them up a bit. First up are the 2 rookies.

Drew Anderson
Fred Lewis

Now any pack with 2 rookies is pretty good. Drew Anderson hasn't done all too much at the big league level, but Fred Lewis has made himself into a nice major league ball player - I bet he would be a bigger name if he wasn't stuck making his name out in SF. Even if they are a playoff contender this year, I still don't think too many outside of California are paying attention.

Next up in the pack were 4 starting pitchers and this is how I would run them out there if they were my 4 man rotation.

1) CC Sabathia
2) Chad Billingsley
3) Francisco Liriano
4) Freddy Garcia

Honestly, I think Chad is the best of the bunch here, I think the Night Owl would be happy to know I do have a severe man crush on that dudes abilities. I would trade almost anyone in the Mets organization to get him. Captain Cheeseburger is a nice player, but I'm afraid that he just won't live up to the contract (who really could). Liriano needs to get and stay healthy and I bet he can regain a bit of his 2006 form. Finally Freddy Garcia sucks on choads.

Finally, scanned big for the Dayfs and Canucks of the world is Bian McCann. I want to hate him - I really do, but alas I don't. Here is is large and in charge.

All of these cards can be had, just let me know


night owl said...

Billingsley is staying in L.A. If he were to go to the Mets, you wouldn't like him as much anymore. Look at what happens to anyone who comes to pitch for that team.

Anonymous said...

let me know about picking up that billingsley. unless of course it has already gone...