Friday, July 17, 2009

O Pee Chee Suckfest

When O Pee Chee was getting ready to launch I was pretty excited - a nice base set w/ big checklist and no gloss - a modern old school? I dunno - whatever. Once the details were released - 600 cards - 100 not really short printed short prints and 6 cards a pack - I was a bit frustrated - it would take too much chasing - 125 perfect packs actually, to get this set complete - too rich for my bones and this point in time.

So I thought, hey - I will just live vicariously through all my blogging brethren (much like I have been A & G less 2 packs). Looking at all the scans - thought you know this set is kinda nice - I don't love it, but I could see myself trying to score a complete set off the 'Bay. Well last night in target for light bulbs and dish detergent, I said "what the shit - I'll grab 2 packs".

I shoulda got some douche bags.

Robinson Cano and Ben Francisco


Rich Aurilia and Ryan Theriot

Team checklists - Rays and D Bags
Dreaming by now...

Maybe pack 2 is better?
Derosa Posada Anderson

Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano Highlights
At least Johan can go into my Mets collection

Finally - a David Eckstein black border
who cares

I know that these would have been back packs of a great set - but even in UD Series 2 the royals cards were really sweet - the pictures were nice - I just don't think this set is really any good. It took having them in my hands to get who sucky they really are into my head. Sorry O Pee Chee - we are breaking up. Anyone want any of this? I'm only keeping Johan.

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beardy said...

Yeah, I wasn't that impressed with this set either. The whole thing just seems sort of blah.