Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You knew last time - so what are these?

You can blame my lack of posting on fight Night for the PS3 - you are looking at a the new world champion - I know impressive right!

Anyway - So in that box that had a bunch of stuff I don't remember, I found these cards - they have the same TMCA copyright on the back with the year 1985. The edges are awful - some look like they are perforated, some look like they were just regular cut out cards - either way they are neat.

I have 4 groupings coming up - Rookies of the year - MVPs - Cy Youngs - Home Run Champs - Today we will take a look at the Rookies.

Herb Score - ROY 1955 - One of the greats that never were thanks to a line drive to the face - in his rookie year Herb was 16-10 and struck out 245 hitters in 227 1/3 innings. In his 2nd season he was 20-9. This guy had everything - except the luck to avoid Gil McDougald's batted ball.

Billy Williams - ROY 1961 - Made his mark right away with a rookie season line of .278, 25 HR, and 86 RBI - over the next 13 seasons he never hit lower than .276 or hit less than 20HR or knocked in less than 84 runs - A model of consistency

Luis Aparicio - ROY 1956 - Stole 21 bases while playing stellar defense to take home the ROY - led the league in steals 9 straight seasons - I'm sure there is another Steve out there who could tell you more.

Frank Howard - ROY 1960 - Frank is one big son of a bitch - 6'7 and 255 lbs. in 117 games his rookie year Frank hit 23 bombs and drove in 77 runs. He was one of the most feared sluggers in the game.

Harvey Kuenn - ROY 1953 - Won the award for getting 209 hits and hitting .308 his rookie year. Played 15 years in the bigs leading the AL in hits 4 times and winning 1 batting title.

Again - these are neat but I'm not too attached to them - anyone see anything you want - let me know.

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White Sox Cards said...

1985 TCMA Rookies of the Year. There are 10 unnumbered cards.

Tommy Agee, Luis Aparicio, Frank Howard, Harvey Kuenn, Thurman Munson, Don Newcombe, Tony Oliva, Jackie Robinson, Herb Score and Billy Williams.