Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Much better Pack of 91 Donruss Series 2

So I made the decision this morning to allow 91 Donruss to redeem itself and reached back in the pile of repack packs and pulled out this pack, that really, was awesome. This is just about as good as you can hope to get with getting 10 (give or take) players that could have been considered stars in their time. Lets take a look

David Wells
Francisco Oliveras
Pete Incaviglia

Already we have a 239 game winner (and 3x AS), and a guy with 200 career homeruns. Sorry Frankie - You didn't really do all that much. But thanks for playing.

Dennis Rasmussen
Ken Griffy Sr
Terry Pendleton

Dennis stuck around for 12 seasons, Ken has some of the best sperm in baseball history, and Terry Pendleton might have won an MVP for one of those crappy Braves teams in the 90s.

Now it starts to get real good (if we don't count off the field issues)
Mel Hall
Barry Bonds
Kirby Puckett
Mel had a nice career, but also molests children. Barry had a great career but is a world class asshole and a cheater. Kirby once sawd through a door to hit his wife - but he is HOF anyway

And the hits keep coming
Dale Murphy
Greg Vaughn
Ron Darling
A Border Line HOF and NL MVP, a slugger who once belted 50 Jacks in a season, and a Met hurler who had a very nice career and is far more tolerable than Mex when calling games on SNY.

And the good mojo doesnt stop
Fred McGriff MVP
Danny Tartabull
Tim Raines
2 borderline HOF and Danny Tartabull? Great way to end the pack - I really dont think (w/o looking at the checklist anyway) that this pack cuold have gone much better.

So there we go - a redemption song if there ever was one

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