Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pack Battle! 2007 Topps Series 2

Going back into the repack box I bring you 2 packs of 2007 Topps Series 2 - 6 cards in each pack - let's see who is less crappy out of this awful looking set.

Jeremy Brown V. Jamie Moyer

While Jeremy Brown is a fat catcher who can take a walk and was featured in the Moneyball book, Jamie Moyer is an ageless warlock who makes the mets look like a bunch of children.... well who knows, he's old enough that some of the Mets could BE his children.

Edge: Moyer

Pack 1 - 0
Pack 2 - 1

Edgar Gonzalez V. Jared Burton

wow -don't know anything about these dudes really - gotta flip the cards over and do some research.

Ok - The both aren't really that remarkable - the D-Bags are a way lamer team so Burton gets the nod.

Pack 1 - 0
Pack 2 - 2

Jason Marquis Trading Places V. Placido Polanco
A battle between an insert of a good player. Reliable inning eater if not remarkable. Polanco is a career 300 hitter who spends his time at the most important infield position.
Edge - Polanco
Pack 1 - 1
Pack 2 - 2

Opening Day Nationals Park V. Hit Parade Manny Ramirez
At least the Nationals don't cheat - and if they do they are awful at it because they never win.
Edge - Nationals
Pack 1-2
Pack 2 -2
all even now.
Jeff Suppan V. Paris Hilton
oh wait - thats not Paris Hilton - you say its Khalil Greene? Well he looks like a giant douche.
Edge Suppan
Pack 1-3
Taylor Tankersley V. Chase Utley
I hate both teams and this is still really no contest - utley is the best 2nd baseman in the game - he wins this one easily
Pack 1 - 3
Pack 2 - 3

Uh oh - we have end up with a tie - so I guess its a push?
Which pack would you have preferred? Let me know - and if you can give me a compelling reason why and send me your address - both packs are yours.


Slette said...

Pack two wins: now that Manny doesn't play for the Sawx, I'm free to like him.

AceWild said...

Funny pack battle those topps cards are a terrible looking card