Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Last Pack of 09 A & G (unless I come into money which is very unlikely)

2nd verse, worse than the first

So here are the results of the 2nd and from the title, last pack of 09 A & G I will be buying. Again, not quite sure if these are trade bait or not yet - I could always pursue them in the winter before the base sets for 2010 come out - we'll see.

James McDonald
James Loney
Manny Parra

I have McDonald in a long term keeper league - but I think he is going to lose his minor league eligibility so I don't know what do really do with him.

I had Loney in the same league but dealt him away in this deal

I get: Ryan Zimmerman, Lance Berkman
I Give up - James Loney, Phil Hughes, Matt LaPorta, Jake Fox, Scott Downs

I'm going for the win this year

Ervin Santana
The modern game of baseball inventor Cartwright
BJ Upton

Black border Mini of Cantu

National Pride El Caballo - Carlos Lee

I got a pretty sweet package in the mail yesterday too that will be coming up in the next few days.

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Joe S. said...

I haven't even bought my first pack yet, but I've seen so much of the product now that I don't feel any rush. I'll wait until my shop gives slight discounts for buying multiple packs. I should check to see if the '08s are discounted...