Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Mail Day

A while back, reader Greg let me know he was interested in a 09 Ud Chase Utley that was numbered to 99 - although I do like Chase Utley (I like Victorino too - I know what kind of Mets fan am I?), I was willing to let him go when Greg let me know he had an Eddie Kunz Auto he wasn't too in love with. So I sent him some Phillies base cards and inserts along with the Chutley, and here are the highlights of what I received.

Here is the first card I own of the 09 O Pee Chee set - a New York New York insert of Jeremy Reed. I like it - this is my first Reed card as a Met that I can think of - anyone else think its weird that they dont have the pic of Citi Field behind him? He never played in Shea. Oh well - I'm diggin' it anyway.

Next is what looks like a 1999 Fleer Brilliants Shining Stars card of Mike Piazza - Man - I missed a lot not collecting this era of cards - I don't know if I think this card is awesome, or awful - at least there isn't a rap on the back.

A couple of chrome Jose Reyes cards - which poses the question - if you really love chrome cards are you a Chromo? I don't know if I am there yet - just chrome curious for now -

Here is the big gun of the trade - the Kunz career best auto with all minor league stats - what a lame idea to include him in this subset - but I am very glad to have the card - I met Eddie a few times last season while he was in Binghamton and was always very nice and very approachable.
A Topps Star of David Wright and a couple goldies!

Next up is a Gary Carter Hall of Fame Heroes card from 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings - anytime I come across these old Diamond Kings sets I want more more more... but I am too poor poor poor.

Finally - there were 2 complete minor league team sets - first up are the 1983 Lynchburg Mets - Here are some funny looking dudes - some stoned, some kid toucher-esque - some jolly

And the 1984 Jackson Mets! Now in color!

So all in all a really cool package of stuff I did not have before - lots of great stuff for the Mets collection too! Thank you very much my friend for a wicked rad and generous package! Make sure to go help him out in his search for Pat Burrell cards (god knows why)

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Patsearcher said...

You're welcome. I received your package today and I will have a post up on it sometime this weekend.