Wednesday, June 24, 2009

09 Topps From JayBee

A few weeks back I sent JayBee the Steve Carlton SP from the Series 2 of Topps - you can help him out with that pursuit here. In return he sent me 30 cards towards my Series 2 st - they are all (1 omission) as follows.

First up are the base cards. Topps really did redeem themselves this year with a super nice looking card that is both modern in look and feel while not being to flashy or crowded. Kudos Topps

Chad Qualls - This guy has been merely good for one of my fantasy teams - That league I am completely sucking ass in though, so what does it matter?

Oliver Perez - speaking of sucking ass...

David Murphy - I don't know too much about this guy - decent hitter, some pop - serviceable outfielder - but this is a great shot of him heading back to the dugout after scoring a run - like the full stadium in the background.

Chris Iannetta - A disappointing season thus far for a guy who seemed to finally turn a corner

Donald Veal - yup - nothing to say about this dude

Chris Young - I feel like this dude will never really harness his star potential - just cannot make consistent enough contact.

Trevor Cahill - hot Shot rookie with Oakland - something tells me he will have a good career - most of these young dudes from Oaktown usually do

BJ Ryan - Thank you for sucking and allowing me to pick up Scott Downs in a few leagues.

Freddy Sanchez - is one of the best hitters in the league that no one could care less about?

Edwin Moreno - I remember watching him the first week of the season against the Mets _ I do not however remember anything he did

Yovani Gallardo - my my this guy is going to be good isn't he?

Johnny Damon - He just keeps on hitting doesn't he? I still like him better with a beard - but then again, I like everyone better with a beard

Kenshin Kawakami - Am I right that he is really frustrating to have on your team - so many times I feel like I have seen him pitch really well one inning then completely screw the pooch the next - hes the Asian Ollie!

Next up are the Topps Town cards - I did not scan Daisuke Matsuzake because fuck him and his shitty pitching. Thats why

We'll play a little a game seeing who of these dudes are on pace to be in the Hall of Fame - assuming the keep pace of their careers

Daisuke - No way
Mark Teixeria - I say yes
Todd Helton - yes
David Ortiz - no
Chase Utley - yes
Dustin Pedroia - too early to tell
David Wright - too early to tell but I am leaning to yes - so I am biased - whatever
Justin Upton - too early to tell
Manny - before the scandal - yes - now - no way
Jimmy Rollins - don't think so

Next up we have a group of Turkey Reds

Cy Young
Ryan Howard
Ryan Doumit
Matt Kemp

Finally we have some career best cards of some guys who were pretty good.

Walter Johnson - yup pretty good
Honus Wagner - yup, pretty good
Lou Gehrig - went to work everyday
Jackie Robinson - he was notable for something...

Speaking of Jackie Robinson - in first or 2nd grade I had to write a small report on who my hero was - I wrote that Reggie Jackson was my hero for being the first black baseball player in the Majors - whoops.

So thank you JayBee! The want list is now updated for anyone who is inclined to help!

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JD's Daddy said...

Do you happen to have any duplicate Turkey Reds for trade or perhaps the Lou Gehrig Career Best card? It is the last one I need.