Monday, June 15, 2009

Some B Mets Autos

Last Thursday I spent 4 innings with the Binghamton Mets on their way to a 16-2 loss in the pouring rain. All of that kinda sucked - it was 1030 AM - the beer wasn't very cold and it wasn't Yuengling - the Hatfield deli was not open, so no pulled pork breakfast - the lines for hot dogs were about 40 kids long each - all in all not a good morning to be a 28 year old dude alone at a minor league baseball game.

But I was able to get a few cards signed (cards courtesy of Paul's Random Stuff). Paul will be getting his own copy of each of these cards plus Shawn Bowman who I lost the 2nd card of, so I only had him sign the one for Paul -

Here they are in the order received
First up was Josh Thole - he remembered be from the bowling day and again, was a real pleasure - got to talk to him for a few minutes about getting a day off and Brad Holt - He signed for everybody and really is the nicest guy I can remember on one of these B Mets teams - Murphy and Carp were always nice, but you can tell that with Thole he really enjoys all of everything

Next up is Stephen Clyne who pitched poorly and wasn't nice, wasn't mean - just kinda grunted and moved on - but he was still nice enough to sign

Finally Roydrick Merrit - This dude didn't even grunt... but still - nice enough to sign.

I will be getting more players as the opportunity presents itself. Thanks again for the cards Paul!


Collective Troll said...

Hey, I know what you mean... i spent a year being that 28 year old guy alone in the minor league ball park... now, i am that weird 30-something guy...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stephen. I usually let my friend talk me into going to one of those camp day games each year, but they are not my favorites.

I get the feeling that Stephen Clyne doesn't really enjoy signing autographs. He signed a few cards for me this weekend, but Hector Berrios had to steer him over my way.

Josh Thole, on the other hand, really seems like a nice kid. I hope that he makes it and gets a chance to be the Mets catcher.

I never managed to get Roydrick Merritt's attention, so you did better than me there. :)