Saturday, June 13, 2009

Upper Deck Series 2 box packs 7-11

Here we go with scans from packs 7 - 11 - a couple things of note -

We have Alex Rios shown below - if you go to you tube and search Alex rios Fans there is clip of him telling a middle age man heckling him to fuckoff. it won't let me embed.

the Chutley card below is numbered /99

Ryan Jackson is projecting as a 2nd round pick - and now I have a piece of his shirt.

So now we have seen half of the box - what do you all think of the cards? I know my analysis isnt all that good, but I know the scans look nice - what do you think?


night owl said...

Too many extra cards of players who were already in Series 1. The James Loney card isn't even a checklist card. It's just a regular card with stats on the back just like the Series 1 one. That stuff is pointless.

patsearcher said...

Is the Utley up for trade?