Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo box pack 9

Down to the last 2 packs - does this one have the missing relic? - no - that would be pack 10 tomorrow - here is what 9 had for me

Fantasy Dudes

Jim Thome - Been a nice player in my points league

Jorge Posada - Before he got hurt was great - glad I drafted 3 catches (Napoli and Soto the others)

Adam Dunn - dude just hits homers

Nick Swisher - Waiver wire guy when I got sick of waiting for Travis Snider to play more

First Met in 3 packs is Jose Reyes - I do not like this card -why make a card of a guy when you cant even see his face at all? Just not that into this card

Insert wise we do OK this go around

Legends of teh Game - Tom Glavine - I grew to appreciate him while with the Mets although he wasnt very great with us.

Turkey Red - Jay Bruce - Have him in 2 of 3 leagues this year - doing ok - at least the power is there

Topps Town - Carlos Beltran - having a hell of a year

ROH Aaron Rowand - you know how I feel

WBC - Chris Denorfia - dont like these

Austin Kearns Gold 1704/2009 - meh

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GOGOSOX60 said...

That Thome card is pure Topps sugar!

Is this a first (Swisher) new Yankee Stadium card for Topps?

The Beltran photo is the continuing tribute to the glory that is 1973 Topps baseball cards!