Monday, June 8, 2009

Suprise package from over yonder!

A few weeks back I received a surprise package from john over at the Pursuit of 80s Blog across the sea. John was kind enough to let go of a few Mets cards for my team collection. While there were a lot of cards in the lot I didn't have - Here are a few that I thought were extra awesome.First up anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that I love me some Robin Ventura (to the tune of him being my all time favorite player). Unfortunately - while Robin was playing I was not collecting (ahem, while he was playing for the Mets) so I don't have many cards of him in a Mets uniform. Now I have a 2000 Fleer Focus and a 1999 Topps Finest (with UV coating) to add to the player collection. Next up we have Mike Pizza chillin' in front of a scroll from 200 Fleer Showcase. This is really an ugly card. How does this happen? What does a scroll have to do with baseball? Because this a Consummate Prose card? The back calls mike a "Master of wooden Disaster" - hardly groundbreaking stuff there. I would like to relay a small Piazza story here if I could though. The singer Meatloaf is a huge Mets fan from all accounts I have heard. In an interview of Meat I read when he released Bat out of Hell III he stated that the first song "The Monster Is Loose" came to him while at a Mets game. Piazza was coming up to hit and was slumping when Meat heard the equipment manager yell to Mike "C;mon Mike, the Monster is loose!". Good stuffNext up is a 1999 Fleer Ultra John Olerud card. I am a sucker for the Ultra line and wish that UD would do something about bringing some Fleer back into our lives. Just a nice card of John at the plate doing what he did best. A fact about John that I did not know is that according to the back of his card, John never played in the minors after he was drafted. hmmm.Next we have a 2008 Bowman Fernando Martinez. Another player I am invested in due to his time here in Binghamton. It's been great to see him play up at Citi Field although i don't think he is destined to stay there this season - something tells me once Church is off the DL Fernando will find himself back in Buffalo.
Finally, we have a 2007 Bowman Heritage prospect card of mike Devaney - This card is going straight into my Bowman Heritage Binder as it was needed for me set.
So John - Thank you for the kindness of just sending these my way - I know my recent self well enough to say that I will get something back out to you - but it probably will be a bit of time until that happens. My card room right now is a mess and its a bit tough for me to get trades together unless its out of a se ttha tI have already in order and such - but I will keep ya in mind for any Jacoby's or other cool Red Sox stuff for you!


night owl said...

That Mike Piazza card is Fantastically Awful! "Consummate Prose"? "Master of Wooden Disaster"?

It must've been a riot writing copy for these cards.

jackplumstead said...

You are welcome, glad they arrived.