Monday, June 1, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Pack 7

Well 1 pack after wondering if I had cleared out all of my fantasy guys from this box, I get 5 mor from pack 7.

Joba - don't be hurt too long ok?

Lyle Overbay - Injury replacement for Carlos Delgado

Jason Bartlett - AL MVP? Don't snicker - if the Rays make the playoffs and no one else has an Incredible season - you will see this guy get some real votes

James Loney - For a dude this big he needs to hit for more power - I dont need 30 bombs, but would 20 be too much to ask?

Dan Haren - one of the best in the National League

Inserts -

ROH - Dave Justice - man - this set sucks

Doug Davis Gold 1615/2009

Jin Young Lee - WBc - uummm - ok

Legends of the Game - Chipper Jones - deservedly so - HOF all the way

Topps Town - Derek Jeter - Remeber the Wham song Jitterbug? in the intro the say "do the jitterbug"? well, me and my friends always call Jeter here
"Jeter-fag" to the tune of "Jitterbug". I know we arent funny. but really dont have too much to say about this dude unless its about all the ladies hes gotten to know intimately.

Turkey Red - Alfonso Soriano - another very classy card

And the relic - Angel Berroa Game Used Bat card - I honestly considreed throwing this cad away because I can't even imaging anyone wanting this card

3 more packs left


Flash said...

I'd be willing to take that Berroa card off your hands. At least it's a Yankee and that's better (for me) than the crap relic I pulled in my jumbo box. Topps has epic failed with their relic/auto cards this year.

MEClairmont said...

I wouldn't mind getting a hold of the Justice card. Email matthew_clairmont (at)