Friday, June 26, 2009

A really shitty pack of 2003 Series 1 Topps

So I bought a repack box who knows how long ago and I still have half of those packs chilling on my desk - So sitting here, after realizing my hit count - I figure maybe I shouldn't be so lazy - give the people what they want - A Bad Wax pack break - Then once I grabbed a random pack and started scanning, I remembered why this wasn't posted yet - it was just such a shitty pack.

I think we all know that 2003 Topps is the Rocky Dennis of baseball cards - Cher probably loves it, but the rest of us just think its really ugly and want to know why nobody just got rid of it at inception.

I figured that I would start the post with the "best" card of the pack - Harmon Killebrew Record Breaker - now don't get me wrong - he has one of the most bad ass names I can think of and was a hell of hitter - but much like this set - Harmon has never been accused of being terribly good looking.

from here

We've got a former Met/All Star (I think he was an all star once or twice at least) Melvin Mora - Interesting fact on the back - he hit lead off homers in consecutive games once - but the fact about Brady Anderson is more interesting - Brady achieved the same feat on both ends of a double header! Exclamation points make it seem more exciting.

Next up we have Jon Lieber - I know - you thought I said this was a shitty back - you must be stuck in 2001 when Jon was 20-6. Hey even I got laid before high school was over - we all have our moments of greatness.

A "Fat Toad" (Thanks George)

Other than ole Harmey, We have now reached the best player in the pack - and he has a ladies name. Can this dude still play outfield at all? If that answer is no - please Mets - do not trade for this guy.

Mario Likes this one, but he's the only one

See guys? Just wasted 2-5 minutes of your time that you will never get back. Blogging is dangerous - now go do something risky to make your day better... something like

- Pee standing up with your eyes closed
- Blow a line of coke off something that really should be sanitized
- See Transformers 2

And with that - I'm outta here

Take it easy

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Collective Troll said...

I had always thought that Aubrey was a tough guys name, I call myself Troll, that should say something bout my opinion on names...
My wife called him out on the ladies name thing the other night, I called her an evil sexist, maybe I owe her an apology. Aubrey was, many years ago, a great 3rd baseman and a decent outfielder. I dont think it is like riding a bike and I would hate to see him try and remember at the big league level.