Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Topps Jumbo Box - Last pack

Finally - we have come to the end...

Fantasy Teamers -

Taylor Teagarden - he's in a dynasty league so I am not giving up on him yet
Willy Tavarez - I play him about once every 2 weeks for a steal here and there - he does not let me down


ROH -- Bobby Cox - ugh

Jorge Posada Gold 768/2009 - finally a good player -- albeit one I dont really like

WBC - Ichiro - ok

Legends of the Game Ryne Sandberg - I must disagree with Mario - I like to look of these cards

Topps Town - Ian Kinsler - very nice

Turkey Red - josh Hamilton - am I the only one who doesn't care this dude used to be a junkie?

And the last relic - Aroldis Chapman - cool . who wants it?

All told - I am okay with this box - the Braun Auto is really cool - We'll see how happy I really am when I break it down and see if the whole set was there or not.


Slette said...

You don't like Posada? C'mon, Jorgie is like Raymond - Everybody Loves him!

thehamiltonian said...

Nice Hamilton!

I have Tavares on my fantasy pool, and I use him in pretty much the same manner. :)