Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow -

Over 10,000 hits now. In less than 7 months 10,000 times this site has been looked. that means 10,000 times people have come here and thought "Wow, that's a cool card", "I'll see if he wants to make a trade", "This is a good place to masturbate" and so on...

And thank you all for that. I'm very happy that through everything that has happened that I have found my little place in this community. I know that everyday I look forward to the time I get to spend reading all of the blogs - I know I don't comment a lot - but rest assured, I'm out there taking it all in - and I am thrilled that you all do the same.

Take care now


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Collective Troll said...

Congrats Stephen!!! 10,000 is pretty freaking awesome! I busted out a 6 dollar bottle of champagne when I hit 500, but I am always in search of a reason to celebrate. Good job, great blog!