Tuesday, June 23, 2009

09 Upper Deck Series 2 Box Inserts & Autogamers

So I didn't realize that I had not posted in a week. Blogger has been a pain in my ass of late and my patience has been very low - anyone else have this issue? I have to do all of my posting in the Edit HTML box - if I got to compose, it will not allow me type anything - also, I keep getting locked in at the log in page -

Whatever - I got it to work now.

So anyway, I picked up a second box of UD series 2 - missing only 2 cards from that set now which is very nice - here are all the inserts and hits from said box,

The team USA cards received are for Tommy Mendonca, Mike Minor, and Micah Gibbs - The only one of these dudes I know of is Mike Minor who was the 7th pick of the Braves - who really I don't care about anymore because they aren't good - Congrats Atlanta - you are now LESS hated than Philly!

Next up we have the O Pee Chee preview cards. You know I like this set - its classic, clean - nice design, classic card stock - but 6 cards in a pack? I have no choice but to call bullshit - I'll just buy a completed set on ebay in a month after someone busts a few cases for the 6 hits that won't be worth $14.

So we got Johan Santana, Mark Teixeira, Josh Hamilton, and Jonathan Papelbon. As a Mets fan I am of course digging the Johan. Tex has come up huge after (another) slow April. Josh - did anyone else see the article on The Onion about how his former drug dealer is upset that he is now playing baseball becuase he had so much "Junkie Potential"? It was fantastic - I'm all for guys quittin the shit, but I wish he wasn't all about the God stuff. Finally - Papelsmear - any card that doesn't have that "I just won the World Series, I'm gonna shit on the field" picture is good by me.

Carlos Villanueva gold 95/99

Who said nothing exciting ever happens?!

20th Anniversary Buy Back Rich Gedman - wow between this and the Carlos Villanueva card I've not gotten 2 corner stone collection hits in one box!

All right now - time for the good stuff -

oh wait - its UD Series 2?

The hits are gonna suck?



AJ Griffin Auto
Ryan Lipkin Table Cloth
Alex Romero ball gag slice
Charles Johnson Spankerchief



night owl said...

Ahhhhh! It's Charles Johnson! I don't want to remember that period. (But I do want the card).

Tubby said...

I've gotten better shit from the retail packs i've been buying. Includign 2 Stratsburg cards (1 GU) in one box.

Nice of them to fuck over the serious collector who buys hobby boxes.