Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A suprise from the Night Owl

I can;t help but think that when writing "Surprise from the Night Owl" that what follows should be something like a letter to Penthouse.

Fortunately tough, thats not how Greg rolls over. How he does roll is by being in humble estimation - the creme de la creme of all baseball card bloggers and supreme amounts of generosity.

Greg recently parted with a handful of 2009 Topps Heritage cards for me to help finish off the set that will never die. Thanks to Greg though, its now on life support as I get closer and closer to finishing. Greg was even kind enough to part with some dear Dodgers for me. I chose to scan the ones below by the scientific means of choosing every other card. Isn't that wild?

I have to set my favorite card of the bunch is the Utley New Age Performers. I really like the set and I think that Utley is the best 2nd baseman in baseball (sorry Ian Kinsler).

So Greg - Thank you kindly and once I get my shit together I Promise to reciprocate.

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night owl said...

Take your time. Enjoy!