Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2008 UD Baseball Heroes Complete!

Just a quick shout out to my man Gritz!

Last week I got a package that included card #118 Chien Ming Wang to complete my set - All cards are now officially paged in the same book as my 08 Goudey set and it brought me peace to look through them! Sorry I cannot thank you by name as the emails have been deleted and the label the shipping store put on the package covered your return address and name! So let it be known I thank you and I am grateful. If you have any lists or anything like that I can look through, let me know!

Also a quick thanks to Cliff @ Capewood's Collections for getting me to within 15 cards of my 89 Topps set - if anyone has a box of those kicking around, much love if you take a gander at my list. Take is easy.

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Ken said...

I have a box of 1989 topps sitting in my garage. I trying to decide if i want to bust it or not. If you have a list of cards you need please post. It might make my decision that much easyer. :)