Friday, February 20, 2009

Gifts From Across the Pond

A few weeks ago I agreed to a trade with John of the Pursuit of 80's (ness) blog
and then subesquently totally forgot about it. Well about a week ago this package came in the mail and I remembered then that he had asked me to put a package together AFTER receiving this one - So here are some quick highlights from what he sent me, and I will be getting his package together later today!

First we have a 1999 Topps Auto card of Mo Bruce - this is a name I have not thought of in years... I just remember him being reasonable touted and then obviously since is a new name for even some Mets fans, he didnt do too much. But I love obscure Mets cards and I really like his auto too.

Next we have a2008 Heritage Mike Pelfrey. I think that Pelf is quickly becoming one of my favorite Mets and not for his play on the field (of course that helps) but its for being just a big dork. Lately in spring training he has been caught wearing a helmet due to his recent flipping of a golf cart, and has been relentlessly teased by teammates for crying at the end of Marely and Me (The dog dies). I like Big Pelf
Next we see a few 08 Topps all star rookies - I sometime wonder how they chose the players? were all of these guys Gold Cup Rookies in the past? Is that the obvious connection I never made? I didnt not like when Wiggy got traded, but it opened the door for D Wright, so I guess I really cannot be too upset. I am also very happy to get another one of these Ron Swoboda cards - I hope to get him to sign one TTM.

I scanned Mr Hundley in next because I guess when I was collecting in the 90s I must have LOVED Todd Hundley. When going through some old boxes of cards a few months ago I found a stack of what must have been 80 hundley (lots of doubels) all put together - I dont remember being a Hundley super collector, but maybe I am.... who knew?

Finally, I posted up a few Jose's for my wife. He has always been her favorite Met/Player because "He's fast and funny". I cannot argue

Thank you so much John, your cards will be allocated now!


jackplumstead said...
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jackplumstead said...

Always happy to trade. Glad you liked the cards.